I am am alive and well:)

  • Before you begin to think  that I contracted a life-threatening virus in Atlantis, and that I have been quarantined without Internet access.
  • Before you assume that I am already dead and commissioned by the Managements of the Hell and the Purgatory. (Commissioned? To do what? Well…to caricature the politicians, the terrorists, and the extremists who end up in hell, and those others who are neither here nor there who make their way to their final destination through the purgatory. Note that if this world was populated only with the heaven-going kinds, caricaturists would be extinct. But you knew that, didn’t you? )
  • And before you decide to give up on me completely…

Let me assure you that I am alive and well, yet on earth, and still drawing without rhyme or reason (whatever the heck that means.)

Coming up shortly is the caricature of someone for dear Barb…an artist, a writer, and yet someone who lives life on her own terms – A beautiful study of tightly packed  contradictions:)

If you know Barb, you know who’s going to grace my blog next:)

See you soon, then:)

5 comments on “I am am alive and well:)

  1. Aaaaw! Looking forward to that! 😀
    Have news of my favorite ghost from Karela Split? Did he join the spirits world forever and his friends gave up on the blog because they were too busy living? Sniff… 😦


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