Seven Caricatures come visiting…from Everywhere!

The Definition of Art!

Blogging has been an interesting learning experience for me. Among other things, it has made me reflect upon Art.  Recently, I found myself following a discussion on creativity and art, and it made me question whether creativity equaled art, and if it didn’t then what was that “extra” that transformed creativity into art. Being a net-convert, I went browsing for a satisfactory definition of art…and found nothing. I am sure that in one of those hardcover-bound formidable looking books, there would be a brutally frank definition, yet it hasn’t made its way to the web yet…or…it hasn’t caught Google’s attention.

So I sat down to write a definition of my own, which I shall shortly present to you in another post. It might appeal to some of you, but if you are someone who prefers to ignore the influence of masses on your life, it may not.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the more mundane and down-to-earth matters.

Seven Caricatures from Hollywood, Fiction, Art, and History!

(I’ll be updating this post as and when the caricatures make it here.)

Here’s a list of caricatures that will appear on this blog, this month 🙂

  1. Her Roman paramour who just couldn’t conquer the Gauls.(Julius Caesar’s Laurel Wreath invites winged guests. Click to view.)
  2. The consulting detective who refused to clutter the attic of his mind with inconsequential information. (Sherlock Holmes detected this blog on March 24, 2011. Click to view.)
  3. The boy who lived and who might shed his clothes to save the world.
  4. Neo, the hacker – sans his shades. (Keanu Reeves arrived here on March 16, 2011. Click to view.)
  5. Fanged, dead…yet loving it!
  6. The pop-eyed artist with surreal mustaches. (Salvador Dali makes this blog surreal. Click to view.)
  7. The beginnings of an Abusive Maniac, once known as Topper. (Charlie Sheen’s rants brought him to your favorite Caricatures blog on March 26, 2011. Click to view.)

Who are they?


Who would you like to see first?