Caricature/Cartoon of Neo a.k.a Keanu Reeves hacks into the Caricature Matrix!

Neo has finally hacked into the Caricature Matrix!

In this Caricature Matrix, everyone sees everyone else as a caricature of his real-self…and this is also true for Neo a.k.a Keanu Reeves, who appears here in his caricature avatar!

I’ll be truthful. I didn’t know anything about this gentleman until I watched The Matrix, then The Matrix Reloaded, and then The Matrix Revolutions! Even then, I knew him only as Neo the hacker, who asked the multi-million Dollar question – What is the Matrix? He was this tall, slim, rubberband of a man who wore dark glasses and was never sure of his own potential, which everyone else happened to know about! I found Morpheous (played by Lawrence Fishburne) a far more interesting character…all Neo made me wonder through out the trilogy was why the heck was he interested in that emaciated, vertically stretched, Na’vi-like woman called Trinity, who wore shiny black body paint?

I must’ve seen him in a couple of other movies…but I didn’t give him more than a passing thought…and even that passing thought was – why does he have those oriental eyes on an extra long non-oriental face?

But I gradually began to realize that Keanu Reeves is a popular star…and he rules many hearts, including the one that belongs to our dear Barb.

So…ladies, gentlemen, and everyone else,
Please welcome the Caricature of Keanu Reeves to this blog!

A Cartoon, Caricature, Portrait, Sketch of the Hollywood Actor Keanu Reeves who played the part of Neo in the Matrix Trilogy.

Mysterious Keanu Reeves

Here’s a Snapshot of Keanu’s Biography:

Keanu was born in Beirut, Lebanon, on September 02, 1964. His passion for stage an acting came from his mother and his oriental eyes from his father who had among his ancestors, a Chinese. His father abandoned his mother when Keanu was 3, and so he never had anything to do with his father. His mother moved from husband to husband, until she married the fourth time, broke up and decided to call it quits. Since Keanu’s mom moved to Canada after her second marriage, he spent most of his childhood there.

Keanu wasn’t great at studies. His lack of interest in studies is said to be because of dyslexia. (According to this page here many famous people suffer from dyslexia, and the list includes “Whoopi Goldberg, Keira Knightley, Susan Hampshire, Orlando Bloom, Keanu Reeves, Richard Branson, Henry Winkler, Patrick Dempsey and Tom Cruise“!)

Interim Update – The Asperger Syndrome?

A comment made to this post made me research some more. Some experts believe that Keanu might have the Asperger Syndrome, which is characterized (among other things) by difficulty in maintaining meaningful social relationships and a quirky behavior. I guess Asperger’s might be a lot more common than what the experts believe!

Keanu Reeves’ Rise to Stardom:

Keanu Reeves journey to stardom began with a movie about hockey (Keanu used to love playing hocky,) which was shot in Canada. Next he was seen in the movie, River’s Edge. His performance in this movie received critical acclaim but what truly established him in Hollywood was his role of Ted in the movie, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, a movie based on Time Travel.The next four years were a quiet time in which Reeves took more sophisticated roles. In 1994, he made an impact with Speed. The next few years were a low time for him, until the release of Matrix in 1999.

The Mystery of Keanu Reeves:

Reeves’ Charisma is often attributed to the air of mystery that surrounds him.

In his own words, “I’m Mickey Mouse. They don’t know who’s inside the suit.”

I think that this sums up his journey rather well…For his first movie “Young Blood” he was paid USD 3000. For Matrix Revolutions he was paid USD 15 Million and 15% of the Gross!

Different Keanus:

Sad Keanu:

Read about the Photoshop Meme (and watch its video too), which shows a sad looking Keanu sitting on a bench, here.

Immortal Keanu:

Could it be that he is immortal? Here’s why some people think that Keanu Reeves is immortal!

Married Keanu:

They say he never married – they say he got married. Only Barb can tell.

Gay Keanu:

He neither accepts nor denies it, so…is Keanu Reeves gay?

Left-handed Keanu:

Well…Keanu’s sort of left-handed, but he plays bass (for a band called Dogstar) with his right hand. Guess that makes him an ambidextrous or…a freak?


Are you Keanu-krazy? If you are, and if you liked Keanu’s caricature on this page, you should visit Barbara G. Tarn’s Website at:  Check out her Portraits of Keanu Reeves in her book, “Keanu Portraits 2001-2009” 🙂

As always…thanks to Wikipedia and IMDb for being such fantastic resources of information.


22 comments on “Caricature/Cartoon of Neo a.k.a Keanu Reeves hacks into the Caricature Matrix!

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  4. Shafali, I give a huge welcome hug to my Matrix Hero!! Hurray! 🙂
    Turns out I don’t know a lot of the facts about this dude.. Thanks for solving the mystery of the Oriental eyes .. 😉
    I wonder what is upto these days, I definitely enjoyed the Speeds and the Matrixes(sorry might be an incorrect usage of the plural form :))


  5. How did I miss the description of Trinity. So apt it is. 😀 Barb is such a big fan of Keanu. 🙂 Barb, while proposing to Keanu, don’t forget to present your book of portraits to him. 😉


    • glad you liked it…I mean the description not the apparition.
      I guess that Barb wouldn’t wait until she proposes to him before she shares his portraits with him…
      Am I right, Barb?


  6. I have heard married/not married, gay/not gay (BTW I have pics of him kissing women, but never men… bisexual?), but Asperger’s syndrome is new to me! But then I discovered it last November in Wales (and some reviews say Shah Rukh Khan’s character in My Name Is Khan also has it?). My first thoughts hearing the symptoms? That’s ME (a woman with no inclinations for maths, but the rest fits the article you linked to)! So, what do you think, should I propose to him? 😉 Having the same neurodiversity might help, or not? 😀


    • That’s exactly what I thought upon reading the comment about the Asperger Syndrome…I think you and Keanu are made for each other. I mean it. BTW, I think I could’ve been a match too but I’m already taken:)


    • Thank you Anakin. I appreciate your stopping by and clarifying. I think that being a dyslexic in enough trouble without throwing in Asperger’s too.
      Warm Regards,


  7. So you’re back after the hiatus! Keanu looks sad and old here. I like his serious looks and his dark glasses ans his Matrix suits. 🙂 I’ve already seen Barb’s sketches of Keanu and needless to say, they are awesome. Keanu is also my favorite. 🙂


      • These young people are not aware that the fountain of eternal youth was lost in the early 1970s… and both me and Keanu drank from it! 😉
        *hugs Ajay*
        Anyway, I’d say he looks unkempt, which is very common of him lately! 😉


      • I know…I know…I shouldn’t have added that stubble 😦 I got carried away by the Sad Keanu Mime I guess. Wanted to strike a balance – neither too young nor too old, neither too neat nor too shabby… About that fountain of youth…are you allowed to share the whereabouts? I might change my profession once again to become an archaeologist:)


      • well, he’s working less lately and Keanu not working=shabby Keanu, so you got the essence! 😉 About that fountain… even if I told you where it is, there’s no more water coming from it. It’s definitely lost, unfortunately…


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