India Wins the Semi-finals, Sachin Tendulkar declared Man of the Match


India won the World cup Semi-finals against Pakistan. Sachin couldn’t make his 100th 100s but he helped the team win 🙂 by contributing 85 runs of 115 balls.


Sachin Tendulkar – The Man of the Match

Cartoon, Caricature, Portrait, Sketch, Drawing of Little Master, Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar, World's greatest batsman!

Turned Lucky 4 times!

Waiting for Sachin’s 100th 100, which may yet happen…in the finals…in Mumbai! Good Night:)

Update: Oh…and if India wins the World Cup…You might want to buy anti-glare glasses. You know why? Find the answer here.


7 comments on “India Wins the Semi-finals, Sachin Tendulkar declared Man of the Match

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    • Thanks Amy:) The credit for the site goes to wordpress, not to me. It’s their Choco theme. I did a bit of customization though. I just love wordpress, don’t you?:)


  2. Yes we won! We won keeping the record against Pakistan in WC matches clean. I’ve a strong inkling that we’re going to win the Cup too. 🙂 Okay Sachin can complete his 100 centuries some other time. The Cup is all that matters for now. 🙂


  3. Congratulations to India… what a great job you did in your victory of good over evil….did I say that ? Surely it wasn’t me….must have been the devil possessing my body and mind. Anyway congratulations to India !!!!!


    • The Pakistani team played well:) India was the first to bat, and the Pakistani team did a great job of keeping India in check. Their captain Shahid Afridi is an excellent manager and motivator. It was close match, and we weren’t really sure that we’d win – but India managed to turn the table in the second half of the match. Despite their politicians saying stuff like, “don’t fix the match” in the media, the Pakistani team played really well. It was sad to hear Afridi saying “sorry to the nation” for losing the match against India. No team should have to do that. They played an excellent game.


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