A Note of Thanks :-)

Before I make my big blog-announcement (I know…I know – I get excited about small things, forget all about perspectives and vanishing points, and perceive an absolutely normal everyday event (?!) as something special, but then that’s me,) I want to say thanks to everyone who’s ever visited my blog, read the “How to Draw Caricatures book – The Evolution of a Caricaturist“, participated in the “Story-in-the-Caricature Blog Carnival“, left a comment, written me an email, or offered me a drawing assignment 🙂

I made many wonderful friends in the blogosphere, but I’d like to make a special mention of the following bloggers as my days became better and brighter because of them.

Thank you for your visits, friendship, help, and guidance:) Thank you for bringing me smiles and laughter:)

Coming up shortly is the Announcement Post – It’s going to be colorful, and I hope that you’ll all enjoy it:)

Best Regards,


11 comments on “A Note of Thanks :-)

      • Hi Shafali,

        Thanks for the honor You give me. Proudly announcing (let me brag a little bit…) that I made my entrance to WordPress-Annotum with honor and will continue also on WordPress-Annotum to give good advice with tutorials on the Knol-WordPress-Annotum Migration, same as I did on Knol to help out authors…

        So I will prepare and publish tutorials as a blog on WordPress by using the Annotum-Theme for it… My migration with my knols will start later, still time enough before the deadline… First learning (Learning by doing…) how Annotum works to be ready for it and sharing my learned 😉

        You might have a look here for more info:



        Your comments, insights, suggestions are welcome…

        Have a nice day and best regards,


      • Hi Gust,

        I know that your tutorials are going to be extremely helpful to every Knol author who wishes to migrate to Annotum:) I’ll definitely go through them (though I am still not sure whether I will be migrating my knols to Annotum.) Welcome to WordrPress. You are in for an amazing experience – simple and easy, yet with awesome results:)

        Best Wishes,


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  2. Gee Shafali,

    Are ya thankin’ me ? Little ole me? My small furry self thanks ya right back ‘n I wanna tell ya that if ya ever come ta America….I’m takin’ ya on a special trip on MY GOLF CART…….why you’ll have the RIDE OF YOUR LIFE ! Fer sure…..

    Dewey Dewster here……….


    • Oh Dewey, I’d love that – but will I be able to fit in. Three terriers and one hyperactive human in a golf cart – Wow! I’ll be there as soon as I make my first million (Dollars, not views:))


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