Leaving to Attend the Royal Wedding – Just Received my Invitation!

Folks, I am sorry but I have to leave. I know that it’s on a very short notice, but when the Queen invites you to her dear grandson William’s wedding with Kate Middleton, you have to oblige (oops, the wrong choice of words…but I hope the Queen would understand that a delayed invitation could lead to such errors.)

Let me recount the events, which led me to make this post.

It was 5:00 AM and I was about to post the boy wizard’s caricature when I heard this knock on my door. At such an early hour, you don’t expect me to be dressed for the day, so obviously I was in my pajamas when I opened the door to a man who introduced himself as one of the Queen’s Royal Guards. He handed me the gilded wedding invitation, and apologized for the delay. According to him, first he was held up by the Taliban in the AfPak region, who mistook him for a possible Jackpot (read: an American Journalist). They released him last week, after realizing that he was just an innocent messenger.  He could have reached me the day before yesterday, but then he couldn’t get the card across the Indian custom officials – who were mesmerized by the “glitter of gold.”

I am making this post from the special jet that the Queen chartered for me. I am highly indebted to the Queen for naming this jet, “The Caricaturist One” in my honor. I extend an open invitation to the entire royal family to stay in my humble abode whenever they visit Delhi.

Here’s a scan of the invitation card (I couldn’t resist sharing it.)

Image, photograph of the golden royal wedding invitation card for Prince William's wedding with Kate Middleton.

Invitation for the Royal Wedding - 2011

Now I need to check with the guard whether it’s okay to attend the wedding in my pajamas. With such a short notice, I didn’t have time to shop for a formal gown. If I don’t get time to shop in London, and if pajamas are off the dress-code list then I hope one of the royal ladies will condescend to share her wardrobe with me – just for the occasion.

Sorry folks. Have to stop now. Just now the pilot has asked me to fasten my seat belt as we’ve entered England and would be landing soon:)


5 comments on “Leaving to Attend the Royal Wedding – Just Received my Invitation!

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  2. Just remember, when you are asked to toast the Bride and Groom, you are to mention all the good wishes from the Blogosphere. If the Ladies-In-Waiting neglect to provide you with a gown that befits your grand status, tell them we will be writing about each and every one of their secret lives!


    • Thanks Amy. I am glad you left that tip. Those ladies-in-waiting got the best gown they had – and they did it only because I threatened them. What’s the world coming to? If you want to get anything done – you’ve got to bribe or blackmail…


  3. Yikes Shafali…yer goin’ ta the weddin’ of the year……nothin’ like it will be seen fer the next century….fer sure….

    I hate ta tell ya but yer not gonna get inta that weddin’ in yer jammies…..no siree…yer gonna need some fancy dress and fancy shoes too….hope ya brought a lot of money with ya….things are expensive there…..

    Buy a good pair of sunglasses too cause the glitter of all those jewels is sure ta hurt yer eyes without ’em……..

    Now this news is really excitin’……see if ya can catch a glimpse of those royal doggies cause I wanna know what they look like….one otta be a biscuit bearer in the weddin’ party but ya never know if they will give ’em their due or not……

    Oh yeah…”Baby-bump” is the latest buzz word in the states….eveyrtime someone is in “the family way” the newspeople have ta report on the size and shape of their “baby-bump”……..bet that one makes it’s way inta the dictionary…if it hasn’t already…..

    Enjoy yer visit ta the UK…….

    Dewey Dewster here….


    • Hi Dewey,
      I managed a gown:)
      Oorvi’s putting together a post on the Royal Dogs – I didn’t see them at the wedding though – no biscuit-bearer, no denta-stix carrier 😦


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