The Caricaturist recounts her experiences.

Some of you would remember that on the 29th of April, I had to rush to Westminster Abbey, in my pajamas, because the courier carrying my invitation to the royal wedding was delayed as he was waylaid by the Taliban.

I would have told you all about the wedding, how the paparazzi went nuts the moment they realized that The Caricaturist was at the wedding, and how I had to tell them that it was William and Kate’s day, and that they should train their lenses on them; I would’ve told you all, had Bin Laden not been killed on the morning of May 1, 2011.

On my journey home, my plane was right over Abbottabad when Operation Geronimo was taking place. My plane “The Caricaturist One” was fitted with radar jammers and so I could fly over Pakistan, undetected. (To silence those who must be wondering if it was a royal waste of money to name a plane after me, I should make it clear that the plane is now going to be called, “The Sheen One” in honor of Charlie Sheen. It’s a reusable, rename-able plane, you see!)

Anyway, when I landed, I came to know about President Obama’s announcement, and I was driven to draw Geronimo who was EKIA, and release the only official “Osama bin Laden Dead Picture” on my blog. What I hadn’t expected was the deluge of visitors from every little nook, cranny, street, road, colony, town, city, and country of the world. I never realized that this guy was a bigger crowd-puller than even William and Kate!

All this kept me on my toes, and I really couldn’t tell you anything about any of the following.
1.    The April Story-in-the-Caricature Blog Carnival – nothing happened – so there’s nothing to report. I think that the Blog Carnival really needs to go.
2.    The upcoming caricature of Muammar Gaddafi of Libya.(Caricature published on: May 08, 2011)
3.    The Facebook group “Emotional Art” that needs your attention.

Anyway, now that the dust (oops, the water) has settled over Osama Bin Laden’s earthly remains, and now that it has become clear from his will that he wanted only other people’s children to join Al Qaeda and not his own…I think it’s time for the world to move on.

See you soon, with another caricature.


4 comments on “The Caricaturist recounts her experiences.

  1. Ya know Shafali……..I’m a wonderin’ how come yer plane was still in the air on the way ta the Royal Weddin’ when the news about Geronimo’s demise reached ya? Were they just circlin’ around all that time? Sheesh… that would make ya real sick ta yer stomach……fer sure.

    I really had all good intentions ta try ta write a story fer yer Carnival but time just got away from me again…..that ‘n my brain just isn’t workin’ right now….’n I just plum fergot too…..maybe it’s the atmosphere around here right now……it’s hot ‘n we’re gettin’ ready ta be on the move again.

    So yer gonna draw another “Monster of sorts”…..yikes they sure seem ta be poppin’ up all over the world anymore…..the monsters, I mean….of course Gaddafi has been a monster even longer than bin Laden was one….don’t ya wonder if maybe he will be swimmin’ with the fish sometime soon too?

    Well ya can always have hope anyway……

    Dewey Dewster here…….


    • Good point Dewey. I should’ve clarified that I flew over Abbottabad when I was returning from the RW2011 🙂 I’ve made the change. Don’t worry about the Carnival. I think it’s time that we moved on to something more interesting…lend me your thinking cap.

      I don’t know whether those dictators weren’t actually better than what’s in store for those countries….and also the world.


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