Caricature of Matt Mullenweg – The Founding Developer of WordPress – The Caricaturist Strikes Again!

Of course, you know Matt Mullenweg.

He is the founding developer of WordPress, the blog service without which I wouldn’t be blogging. He is 27, unlucky in cards (wonder if it matters to him?), loves to play music, and he has made it to the Caricaturist’s hit list!

Yesterday I received this email from Jane Wells, which said that I should try out the new improved WordPress dashboard, and make a post…and well…that there might be a teeny-weeny chance of my blog appearing you know where.

The problem however was, the contest (if I may call it that) is for the writers. So I, the humble caricaturist had to think logically. If you’ve known Van Gogh and Modigliani, you must know that an artist never counts logic among his strong points.

After a lot of deliberation, I finally concluded that I should draw Matt Mullenweg’s caricature. Before you read the rest of this post, here it is.

Caricature Cartoon of Matt Mullenweg pulling out WordPress from his Cowboy hat's WordPress!

Why did I draw Matt Mullenweg?

Well. Here are some of my reasons.

  • He looks rather cute in his cowboy attire – not at all like a future programmer!
  • He is the reason I am blogging and dreaming about getting Freshly Pressed (though the dream faces the risk of going stale soon.)
  • He has recently received another one of those zillion awards that he really doesn’t know what to do with.
  • He has a blog (powered by…WordPress. What were you thinking?) And so who knows he might be busy writing a post using the new avatar of WordPress’s text editor, hoping that his blog might feature on Freshly Pressed!
  • Who knows…Matt might be passing by Jane’s desk (do they live and work in the same city?) and he might see her reviewing my blog-post, and he just might think that it’s a good idea to get a printout for his grass-board!

I could go on and on with the reasons, but they won’t help, because Jane Wells will fall asleep half-way through my rant, and I’ll lose my golden opportunity.

See you later…in the Nineteenth Century Transylvania!


9 comments on “Caricature of Matt Mullenweg – The Founding Developer of WordPress – The Caricaturist Strikes Again!

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  2. that is soo cute!! Matt is one of the very few people i respect, admire and look up to. and it looks like you are the same. 🙂 and its so great to see someone else who is as paranoid as me about Jane reading this article. but i think that your’s is really funny and you might actually have a shot at it.. i know i don’t 😦 but that will happen some other day i guess.. anyway, best of luck 🙂


    • Thanks Rashmi 🙂 I admire geniuses of all kinds, especially those who create value for so many. Right now…waiting for the results with bated breath…


  3. Shafali,

    This is excellent stuff. A possible venue for your caricatures would be print media; newspapers, magazines, etc – possibly even the online versions of these publications. You really do have great talent and skill. Keep up the excellent work.


    • Thank you Todd. Print media is a definite possibility, and I intend to explore it…especially if I find a publication that’s willing to pay:) I am glad that you liked Matt’s caricature. I enjoyed working on it.
      Warm Regards,


    • Thanks Ajay:)
      I know that I wouldn’t be blogging if WordPress weren’t there. I am addicted to its beautiful, highly functional dashboard.
      Warm Regards,


    • Hi Amy,
      Thanks for your kind words.
      It isn’t easy for an artist to make a living from art. Matt Mullenweg is unlucky in cards, I am unlucky in art 😦
      I don’t know if the post will make it to Freshly Pressed or not – but I do hope that Matt sees his caricature 🙂
      Glad you stopped by…I can now log out with a smile.


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