Caricature/Cartoon of Nicolas Sarkozy – the Bling Bling President of France!

The Caricaturist presents the Caricature of Nicolas Sarkozy, the President of France and the current husband of Carla Bruni.

The Caricature, Cartoon, funny drawing of Nicolas Sarkozy, the I-was-there President of France who's inspired his voodoo dolls.

I was there...I really was!

A Bling Bling Biography of Nicolas Sarkozy

Nicolas Sarkozy, was born in 1955. He grew up in a wealthy neighborhood of the Paris Suburbs. However, as his father had left his mother without any financial help, Sarkozy grew up in a family of limited means. He studied to be a lawyer and for many years he practiced law.

Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni is Sarkozi’s third wife. Sarkozi’s previous marriages had suffered from his extra-marital affairs, but this marriage is holding on though it’s rumored that both Bruni and Sarkozi sample other goods whenever they can. Nicolas Sarkozy’s and Carla Bruni’s affairs have kept the French media busy. However as both the affected parties were having their share of the fun, they must’ve decided not to let their escapades rock their marriage. The recent good news from the French Presidential Quarters is that Carla Bruni when spotted with a baby bump, announced that she was pregnant. Interestingly, Bruni’s biography at Wikipedia lists Nicolas Sarkozy as her 10th love-interest. You could question the sanctity of that number, but then her private life is her private life – 10 is the number that she’s made public.

More Bling-Bling Stuff on Sarkozy

A caricaturist thrives on abnormalities. Whatever is normal is of no consequence to someone who’s hooked to this silly art of distorting everything that she sees, hears, reads, and feels.

So here’s what I selectively saw and read:

  • He’s considered to be a protege of Jacques Chirac, former president of France, a gentleman whose caricature is due on this blog. But if he really learned from Chirac, imagine the Sarkozy-scandals that are yet to surface. However, we shouldn’t discount the fact that Chirac and Sarkozy weren’t really all that chummy.
  • Sarkozy is known to shoot from the hip (Uh…oh! Why don’t I use that idea for drawing his cartoon?)
  • Sarkozy is one cool dude. Oh yes. All you need to be a cool dude in today’s world is a Facebook page. Sarkozy has a lot more. In particular, he has to capability to use Photoshop! He posted his picture that showed him shooting from the hip and bringing the Berlin wall down (well…I’ve exaggerated it a bit. Let me whip out my artistic license…) Check out “Sarkozy was There – the Berlin Wall picture that he added to his Facebook page,” and then check out the spoof images of Sarkozy on the moon, at JFK’s assassination, and at lot of other interesting places and times in history.
  • Sarkozy loves to look good in the media, and so he’s called the “Bling Bling President” by the French Media. (I’d like to confess that I won’t mind being called the “Bling Bling Caricaturist” by the French Media. Really.)
  • The French so totally love their Bling Bling President that they have a Sarkozy Voodoo doll. Fabulous! If we had one of those for every politician of ours, we could actually get them to do some work. Believe it or not, Sarkozy thought that those dolls really worked, and so he sued the manufacturers – or could it be that he doesn’t have a sense of humor? (I hope he doesn’t get his knickers in a twist when he sees this caricature of his)

Wanted: A Cool Caption for the Caricature

I have been wondering what must be on his mind these days? Any thoughts?

I even added this thought-bubble to his picture…

What is he thinking? Caption for the Caricature Event - for French President Nicolas Sarkozy

What is he thinking?


14 comments on “Caricature/Cartoon of Nicolas Sarkozy – the Bling Bling President of France!

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  4. Interesting anecdotes and a nice caricature. He seems to be incomplete here without Carla Bruni, though. I wanted Segolene Royal to become the French president but Sarkozy got the crown. He might be thinking – my ministers and their escapades!


    • I know…I know. She has fixed herself to him the way a lost pup attaches itself to a dog-lover (reference: Shiloh – the story of the Beagle.)
      Segolene Royal is a socialist…and I really don’t know if I am keen on that variety of politicians…nevertheless, she’s quite good-looking and if I were French, that coupled with her being a woman would get her my vote.
      Thanks for a very witty caption:)


    • Shafali,

      Hey, that’s cool, and you’re welcome. Now we both know and so does everyone else who reads this page. Isn’t the internet great? It’s so neat to live in an age where we can literally search on any topic and find instant credible results.

      I’m forty years old, and so the internet, as we know it today, didn’t exist until I was around 20 years old. But even at that it was primitive – very primitive. Speaking of technology, I remember telling my father when I was in high school that someday we will make music on computers. Well, now I mix and edit all the audio for my church’s weekly services on my personal computer. I feel like a grandpa saying all this.

      The cool thing is that you did a great job on this caricature and we had some fun talking about it. The one thing that makes your work unique, apart from the fact that you are spot on in the exaggerated likeness, is that you additionally give a good mix of useful facts and funny tidbits (along with exercising artistic license) about the real person. And now that I think about it, if you could find the right publisher, you could select your best caricatures (including the additional information about the person behind the caricature) and publish a series of books. I know I would be the first in line to buy each new installment.


      • Of course, Internet is great and so is mobile telephony. I think that these two inventions have transformed the world completely.

        I think you’ve got an idea there – unfortunately, I am a complete idiot when it comes to publishing and its complexities. I’ve got three finished books waiting for me to write to a publisher or an agent. You will not believe me if I told you that what stops me is my inability to write a query letter!

        However, I could help you find some of my better verbal and visual caricatures on this site…let me know if you’d want me to do that:)


      • Shafali,

        I have not written a query letter, or even a formal book proposal. However, before and after submitting my first manuscript, I did quite a bit of research concerning book submissions. I ran across three excellent PDF files that explain the entire submission process with explicit walk-through details, including other crucial aspects of book publishing. What a goldmine of information. Also, I purchased and read an excellent book on publishing, called, “Getting Your Book Published for Dummies” ($12.30 at It is a well-written book that – in laymen’s terms – explains every aspect of book publishing; including real examples of book proposals and query letters. The authors also include a large and very detailed listing of legit publishing houses and literary agents, along with phone numbers, mailing addresses, web addresses, and genre/subgenre types each accepts.

        If you wish, I will email the three PDF files to you (let me know).

        Concerning finding some of your “better verbal and visual caricatures on this site”, sure, I’m all for seeing your best work, but I was certainly not discounting the work I have seen thus far. You are an excellent artist, through and through.

        To put this back on myself for example, I have written lots of material over the past few years, ranging from mediocre to good to couldn’t be better. That’s not to say that the material itself – or the essence behind it – isn’t good, but that some of my material truly rises to the top; some of my material does not. Some of what I write greatly appeals to me on a personal level, whereas it does not resonate at that same level with the majority of others. However, some of my material resonates not so much with me as it does with the public. This was my motive for suggesting you compile your best work – after all, the public is the final word on what sells and what doesn’t.

        The bottom line; I believe in your work. Your caricatures are both joy-inducing and entertainingly informative. It saddens me to know that the most gifted individuals never see the public light of day. Shafali, your work isn’t just good, it is excellent; and not just excellent, but uniquely excellent. You create a unique combination of art and intellect, the likes of which I have never seen. Please take the next step forward; publish your work.


  5. Shafali,

    That’s great! I laughed out loud just like I did with your Michelle Obama caricature. That’s excellent stuff.

    Regarding your question, “What is behind that smile?”; what about “I stop smiling now, people will wonder why I’m not smiling.” Okay, maybe that isn’t the best idea in the world – but it is funny.

    Anyway, awesome job!


    • Thanks Todd:)
      He could be thinking just that. Especially as he is so “thin-skinned”!
      ( ‘wonder why he spells his name without an “h” – I had to change the spelling all over!)


      • Shafali,

        That may be a good research project. Was that his given name at birth – without the “h”? Did his name originally include the “h” but he prefers not to use it?

        Maybe, just maybe, he has a publicity team as do actors in Hollywood, that insist he use the odd spelling, and the smile, to make him appear unique. Just some funny food for thought.

        Seriously though, that would be a neat research project.


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