Toony Pretzels – Understanding Theory: To Save or to Practice – That is the Question!


The term “Theory” is defined as:  Fundamental or abstract principles underlying a science or an art.

Toony Pretzels Cartoon of a doctor operating upon a patient while a nurse looks on - Theory vs. Practice

It’s time for a reality check. We need to know whether the doctor who’d be cutting us open, studied in a medical school with a lab and got some practice…or whether he got that degree online…or did he just buy it off the shelf?


6 comments on “Toony Pretzels – Understanding Theory: To Save or to Practice – That is the Question!

  1. Oh gee….I hope that Mr. Arora has been locked up for good……how terrible that you have to research the background of your physician before you visit him or her for medical attention. Hopefully everyone has the luxury of time to do that before they need medical help. There was a movie here a few years ago which starred Leo DiCaprio called “Catch me if you can”…..a true story of an incredible con man who impersonated professionals in all walks of life including a doctor….he kept everyone hopping for a long time before he was caught.

    It is a shame that people become so greedy for money that they lose sight of the fact that they are putting lives in danger.


    • You are right about those fake doctors – I think among all kinds of crooks, they are the worst kind. I saw the movie “Catch me if you Can,” a few months ago (on your recommendation, but forgot to mention it to you…sorry.) It was a great film, especially as it was based on true incidents.

      We are in the clutches of an education system that thrives on theory, and I think that this is what renders many college graduates unemployable. We need to ensure that students get an opportunity to practice what they learn, before they step into the real world, where the consequences of their actions are real…as real as a man dead on an operation table.

      Thank you for commenting and adding another dimension to this post.


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