Cartoon/Caricature – Barack Obama lugs the debt burden across a shaky rope!

Click here to view the caricature of President Obama rejoicing upon winning his second term 🙂 (Posted on: November 09, 2012.)

I often wonder how tough it must be to carry the burden of the mistakes made by a whole lot of other people…and then I also wonder how much tougher it must be to zip up and not blame anyone for it, because “officially” you are the one responsible for the mess and also for the cleanup!

A few months ago when the US Congress debated whether the debt ceiling should be raised, and when Standard & Poor’s slashed the credit-rating of the US from AAA to AA+, this is exactly what went through my mind…and so, when my client sent me a requirement for a caricature/cartoon around the concept, the following caricature of a harassed Barack Obama happened 🙂

Political Cartoons - Caricature of Barack Obama, the US Debt Burden, and S&P reducing the credit rating to AA+

Created for The Suit Magazine – Issue 43 (Copyrighted Image – Please don’t use without Permission.)

Published: The Suit Magazine – Issue 43 – August 2011

I have a lot more to share…

Will be back soon:)


13 comments on “Cartoon/Caricature – Barack Obama lugs the debt burden across a shaky rope!

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  6. Excellent artwork. Though one must not forget what the cartoon is implying: the debt is really on the people’s shoulder. Look at Italy, Berlusconi is out and apparently he’s happily composing love songs, swimming in his wealth, while the Italian people are stuck with the task of saving the economy.


    • The politicians thrive on the fact that it isn’t easy for the masses to decide upon a common course of action. Obviously the politicians are the smartest lot – the teeming middle-class masses are normal people who believe that input leads to commensurate output, the wealth-creators are those who know that the quality of input determines to quality and quantity of output, but the politicians of the world are people who have the magic of getting everything without doing anything…so…aren’t they the smartest:)


    • Mitt Romney?!
      This is what he said about Obama –
      “If he thought he had to say the sky was green and the grass was blue to win an election he’d say it.”
      A “cutting” remark, isn’t it?


  7. A very apt caricature and summarizes what’s been going on post the financial crisis. People are paying for the greed and connivance of a handful who manipulated the markets and colluded with policymakers, academicians and such rating agencies to amass wealth. While the firms went bankrupt, their CEOs and other top executives went home happily with fat pay paychecks that included bonuses! Have you seen Inside Job? Do see it, if you haven’t.


    • You are right, Ajay. What you’ve just said is what erupted as the Wall St. Crisis recently. I will definitely try to find a DVD of the movie you’ve suggested, and if and when I am able to watch it, I’ll let you know:)


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