A Personal Post:: Scientology is right – We owe our existence to aliens!

Folks. I believe that Scientology has tons of potential. And I say this not because Hollywood is always right but because I have undeniable proof that I owe my existence to aliens – more specifically to two loveable aliens, who I call Mom and Dad.

Now these two aliens don’t look all that different – they’ve got two eyes, a nose, and a mouth that’s centered below the nose; they also have two hands and two feet like everyone else…yet – they must be aliens.

You know why?

  1. They get up early…and I mean the real-deal-early – at 3:30 AM. They beat me by 30 minutes!!! Only aliens could do that.
  2. My father saunters into the kitchen, effortlessly prepares one dish, and that one dish tops everything that I cook after toiling for hours. Only an alien could do that.
  3. My Mom patiently listens to me while I tell her everything that I know about the Eurozone Debt Crisis and when I am done, she tells me that Angela Merkel opposed the Eurobonds proposal made in the 24th November meeting, because she’s worried about the 2013 elections in Germany. My Mom hasn’t left her house in years, except to go to the hospital perhaps, she seldom talks to people…but she knows it all. Only an alien could have such powers.
  4. They are now old in years, in bones, and in strength; but their spirit overflows with youth – they can’t walk a lot, they tire easily, but their love for their daughter makes them cover those hundreds of miles, disregarding the discomfort and the pain. I don’t think a human could accomplish that – they really really must be aliens!


Folks, believe it or not, we all owe our existence to aliens. Check out your set of aliens to confirm my discovery.

I must also tell you that I owe my absence here to the very same aliens, because they had come visiting after five long years. Now they have returned to their own planet, having left me refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to caricature the whole world!

The Caricaturist is ready to strike again! BEWARE!


6 comments on “A Personal Post:: Scientology is right – We owe our existence to aliens!

  1. Gee Shafali, you think your folks are aliens? I hope that you didn’t actually use the word alien around them. My parents would have been insulted if i called them that when they were still around. My Mom got up early too…..unlike me who likes to stay up late and sleep late…..but not THAT EARLY! At 3:30 am I am only getting into a deep sleep. But I have to give your Mom credit as I always heard that the early bird gets the worm…..if you can find it in the dark.


    • Nancy…they think that I was taken by the aliens and that’s what has left me all muddled. I am afraid to get my MRI done, because I expect they’d find a tiny speck in my forehead, which would confirm their hypothesis.

      My Mom might be the early bird but she isn’t the worm-catching kind…she’s a vegetarian:) But I agree with her and my father, mornings are the loveliest time of the day. BTW, I’ve been looking for the proverbial worm, but I never found it. You may be right – it could be because of the darkness:)


  2. Amy, I am sorry. There are things that never stop hurting. So…they were aliens too? I knew it!
    Getting up at 4 in the morning is an illness that I’ve lived with for as long as I can remember. What do I do at that hour? Tea, a morning walk/jog, and now thanks to my visiting aliens, some yoga! Yoga too must be brought to the earth by the aliens 🙂


  3. You placed a great big lump in my throat! I really, really would love to be in the company of my parents – both gone for years. Ya know…I thought they were just wise. Huh…they were aliens!!

    And yah…what are you doing up at that time of day?


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