A Toony Pretzels Cartoon – Defining Loneliness

Loneliness once was a real feeling resulting from lack of real friends and real family. Now…they say that the feeling of loneliness still is quite real, but its drivers have changed. I grew up in a time when there was no Internet and in places where there was no television, no telephone, and at times no electricity. There were times when my family stayed in places where there were no other families around. Was I lonely? I don’t think I was. I had so much to do. I’d bind my own books, make my own dresses (and my doll’s dresses too,) study, draw, grow vegetables in my mom’s kitchen garden, and even cook. I don’t remember feeling lonely ever.

But now, I hear of loneliness ever so often. I hear of kids not knowing what to do if they didn’t have their smartphones with them, I hear of young girls and boys jumping off the high-rises because they were depressed, and I read about women in apparently happy relationships suffering from anxiety and depression. I am sure that the feeling is extremely real for them, but I can’t really get a handle on the causes…

I just wonder whether we were a stronger lot before Internet shrunk our world into a ragged ball of tangled connections.



A Toony Pretzels Cartoon - A take on Facebook Depression - Defining Loneliness - emails, facebook, twitter, blog - Depressed Woman.

Loneliness is the state of feeling sad or deserted due to isolation.

If you are troubled by this cartoon, you should click the following links:

PS: If your virtual life appears empty and meaningless, walk out of the door into the street. The real world too has a lot to offer. Give it a chance 🙂


9 comments on “A Toony Pretzels Cartoon – Defining Loneliness

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  2. You know, I’m a writer and I’m a loner. But sometimes I do feel lonely – because of my real life “friends” or Day Job. So I end up online, trying to make connections. And find nothing because it’s the Holidays. So I go back to my writing cave and console myself with my babies. Sigh.
    Thanks for the great caricature! 🙂


    • Barb, you’ve got to visit me to discover the real loner. Virtual world is a great place to find friends. Believe it or not, I found my best friend online:)
      Holidays are a really lonely time for bloggers, but now I expect it to be lonely so I don’t feel it. Visitors shall be back in a few days so cheer up…and thanks for the compliment.


  3. My childhood parallels yours, Shafali. As a child, if I went to my mother and said, “Mom, what can I doooooo?!” She’d say, “Whatever you want.”

    I would groan, but I learned to find fascination and fun in whatever was around me. We didn’t have much so nature and animals were generally my focus.

    I spend more time on the computer than is needed, but I keep a balance of life and activities. As an adult, I don’t become bored.

    A wise person once said that only boring people become bored. I believe it!

    Great cartoon, Shafali, you wonderfully talented human being! If I could draw like you, I’d do a cartoon of the Brussels Sprout that went ballistic at Christmas Dinner. We were in hysterics!

    Here we go…heading into 2012 and whole bunch of good fun!


    • Thanks for your comment Amy. It’s feels nice to know that there are others who had childhoods similar to yours. I don’t know if that bit about boring people becoming bored is entirely true. There’s this Sardar Ji I used to know who’d make you sit and listen to his “boring” stories for hours and all the while he appeared to be enjoying himself thoroughly. Perhaps he was bored to death when there was nobody around to listen to his stories…and I guess that’s what you meant – am I right?

      Brussels Sprout that went ballistic 🙂 You can paint pictures with your words 🙂


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