Adam has got his priorities right – Eve waits in queue while the Devil tries to figure it out!

You know something? We’ve found a solution to the problems of the world!

What solution?!

Here’s a clue.

Cartoon (pen and ink drawing) of Adam with iPad, while Eve stands forgotten - with her apple of course, while the serpent tries to figure it out.

Adam, Eve, and the iPad (Pen and Ink Drawing - Original Size: 12" x 12")

And I am not exaggerating…no Sir, I am not.

  • When I go for my morning walk, I often see this couple (if you could call them that) walk together in complete silence – both plugged into their respective iPods.
  • When I visit restaurants, I see pretty girls batting their eyelashes, patting their hair in place, fixing their make-up; all so that they could catch the attention of their boy-friends, who appear to be happily lost in their iPhones or iPads!
  • And now, they tell me that Apple has reported that they’ve sold 3 Million iPads ever since they launched it on March 16th (and it’s not even two weeks since!) Whoa! I guess many more Eves would be playing second fiddle to the iPad – right?

In my opinion, if every man on earth could be given an iPad, we should be able to tackle the population problem, which is the root of all our other problems! You get my drift?

(Women? They buy iPads for sure, but they’ve got their priorities mixed up – I mean why must I want to cook dinner and not play a game on my iPad? Go figure!)


7 comments on “Adam has got his priorities right – Eve waits in queue while the Devil tries to figure it out!

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  2. Hey Shafali,

    Just stumbled across your blog today, and I just had to comment. Your work is truly awesome, I love how you capture the essence of each personality that you draw..great job…I am an artist as well, though I don’t do caricatures 🙂 and since I am not really an art-school product [more of a boring techie turned artist] I haven’t really come across a thriving art community here in India, though that could also be coz I am not really in touch with the art community..anyways I will stop blabbing now..just thought I would drop a note to mention how awesome I think your work is..:)


  3. broken hearts do flutter a lot – quite like butterflies – but I’ve taken your point 🙂 I need to make better broken hearts.
    I love my iPad and I don’t have an iPhone…yet 😦


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