What has the Caricaturist been doing? – A Personal Post.

New Visitor – Please be warned.

While you are welcome to read this post, it mightn’t make much sense to you. This post is for those who know everything (well, almost everything) about me. They know about my excursions into parallel worlds and my tours into the past; they know that I remember most of my past lives in vivid details – especially the one in which I was born a dinosaur; and they know that I spend most of my time doing stuff that’s got nothing to do with making caricatures.

If you still want to read on, please don’t hold me responsible if nothing makes sense to you. 


What has the caricaturist been doing? Other than apparently “foolishly” refusing to accept the once-in-a-lifetime offer of having a designer clothing line based exclusively on her designs, deleting funny comments from septuagenarians who are more interested in her photograph than in her work, and annoying those who have her best interests at heart.

Well, she’s been:

  • reading a novel called Isis Reach by David Elvar and wondering how the author came up with Shona Madoc, the beautiful and intelligent protagonist of this paranormal mystery, and whether he had some personal paranormal experiences that made the novel so interesting to read.
  • wondering why Mark Zuckerberg‘s got mired in all the controversy that he’s got mired in, and how she can bring herself to believe what they say about him – he’s so young and he’s got an ultra-cute face – regardless of that bump in his nose. I know that my reason sounds flimsy, but that’s the best I can come up with.
  • trying to make up her mind whether or not she should buy a couple of new floral skirts for the summers.
  • booking her flight-tickets to Atlantis. On her last trip to the wonder-city, she had left her favorite mechanical pencil there, and she needs to get it back. Pronto.
  • thinking why she needs to bother herself with drawing Keira Knightley‘s body at all? I mean, who’d notice?
  • trying to engineer a clock that fits 48 hours in a day. If she’s able to do this, a hundred years from now, she’d be known as the Leonardo da Vinci of the twenty-first century.

Though there are other things that she’s been doing – but if the last one works out, they wouldn’t matter; so the super-optimist yet ultra-practical caricaturist now refuses to waste your time as well as hers, telling you about her other crazy pursuits.

That’s all for now, friends. I hope to return with Robert de Niro‘s caricature soon 🙂

12 comments on “What has the Caricaturist been doing? – A Personal Post.

  1. Keira Knightley has mosquito bites on her torso. And Robert De Niro IS a caricature, so you’d just draw his portrait. Why waste time with that? 😉
    Oh, and have you seen The Social Network?


    • Mosquito bites on her torso?!
      Barb!!! How do you know about all those mosquito bites?!! I am shocked to know that you know about them! I mean, how did you see them? I couldn’t see her torso without a magnifying glass – and you saw the mosquito bites?!
      Robert De Niro’s caricature is done. It’s going appear on this caricaturist’s blog to scare the hell out of anyone who dares to call him a caricature – hah!
      The Social Network? No. I haven’t seen the movie – but it seems that it has done its bit to damage the reputation of Mark Zuckerberg – poor guy.


      • Well, they’re mentioned in her movie Domino, much like they called “mosquito bites” the torso of the gal who did Jesminder in Bend it like Beckam (again with Keira) – I watched them almost at the same time and thought it was funny (and Keira really has mosquito bites tits – see King Arthur. Can you tell I like her?)! 😀
        Mark is a nerd SOB who built Facebook out of spite. Don’t stop at his angel face (but Jesse Eisenberg is cuter, LOL). I haven’t closed my FB account like a friend has done after watching the movie, but I’m wary of what I post there now! 😉


      • Yes, Jesse Eisenberg is a lot cuter – but then he’s an actor – he’s supposed to look good. About F/B’s privacy concerns – I wonder how dumb we must be to expect a really free lunch. The only thing he can sell is info – isn’t it? And if someone bares all on F/B, I’d start questioning his/her sanity. Why speak of Facebook alone, you put any data anywhere on the web and it’s public information. Write something on a Yahoo group, add something on Google+…it’s all public information. What makes me mad is when some stupid sites attempt to piece together your information from various places and “create” information that’s completely incorrect.

        So…about Keira – wait and watch. I ignored the “mosquito-bites” completely – and drew a lovely caricature of hers.


  2. Personal paranormal experiences? None at all, my young friend. Just pure research, much of which is proving very interesting to read. Science is beginning to think that Mind and Brain are two separate entities, leading to the rather obvious conclusion that consciousness can exist without a biological base to support it. Yeah, the ancients used to call that separate consciousness the Soul. Full circle, huh?


    • Thanks for the clarification, David. In fact, I am rather glad that you aren’t the male alter-ego of Shona Madoc. One can’t be comfortable around a person who can read your thoughts – right?


      • Right. But Shona Madoc can’t read people’s thoughts. She picks up feelings, sensations – anything that has an energy base – and they’re only fleeting, indistinct. Glad you liked the book, though. Next in the series, Congregation, out soon.


      • You are right. She picks up feelings and sensations – but then she interprets them and she can almost tell what a person might be thinking…isn’t it? Glad she got rid of that “follower” of hers.


  3. I have done past life regressions, but your technique sounds much easier. They are terrifically vivid which I adore. I can feel one skirt made out of animal skin in Africa.


    • I’d love it if you decided to accompany me on one of my trips, anywhere – into the past, a parallel timeline, a past life, or even a fantastical place 🙂 You could help me come back in time to make my blogposts 🙂 Animal skin skirts?!! No way? I want to go to heaven (I know that’s where all animals go) and I don’t want them to be wearing Shafali-skin skirts…


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