Caricature/Cartoon Tom Cruise – The Caricaturist undertakes Mission Impossible to play the Matchmaker!

With Katie Holmes leaving Tom Cruise, we’ll once again have a 50-year old eligible bachelor looking for a wife who’d stick to him no matter what.

The caricaturist has found the right bride for Tom Cruise – one who’d never leave him especially because he wants to follow his religion. She won’t be mad because he’d want their kids to follow Scientology.

Caricature, Cartoon, color drawing of Tom Cruise and his fourth wife, as Katie Holmes files for divorce due to Tom's insistence of Suri joining the Scientology Church

Tom Cruise, the Hollywood actor who has successfully completed four Impossible Missions has recently been handed the divorce papers by his most recent wife’s attorney. Tom’s been trying very hard to stay married. His first marriage to Mimi Rogers who was 7 years his senior, lasted about two years. He then married the nose of Hollywood, Nicole Kidman, stayed married for 10 long years, then they got separated in 2001. In 2006 he married Katie Holmes, who’s now asking for a divorce.

The reason that Katie’s lawyer wants to cite as grounds for divorce, drove me to draw this caricature. Believe it or not, Katie wants a divorce because Tom Cruise is a very religious man, and he wants to instil the same neat values in their daughter Suri. He wants Katie to join the Church of Scientology so that she may grow up to become a hardcore scientologist. Shame on you, Katie! In this crazy world of today, you are a lucky woman to have found a religious thetan-fearing husband. Well, Holmes doesn’t want her daughter to grow up with the right scientological values.On the other hand, Tom Cruise, a strict follower of his religion, is unable to come to terms with the fact that most people in this world don’t even consider his religion a proper religion. He’s constantly trying to communicate with his thetans!

Tom Cruise’s Problem – A Serious Analysis

Ron Hubbard, the pulp fiction writer who started the Scientology religion, says that millions of years ago, a guy called Xenu (who perhaps was the President of a Galactic federation made of many planets) faced the same problem that humans are facing today – the problem of overpopulation. He decided that the best way to get rid of the extra people was to blow them up and send their spirits to earth. These alien spirits are called Thetans and they are responsible for all human miseries, including the ones that Tom is currently experiencing. I am sure that Tom has done everything in his capacity to ensure that his Thetans don’t bother him, yet…he’s not tried the one thing that could bring happiness and peace to everyone.

Tom must marry an alien from the same Galactic Federation. His Thetans will then develop the right sort of connection with the bride’s Thetan, and all Thetans will then live happily ever after!

BTW, it was Mimi Rogers, his least permanent wife, who had introduced Tom to Scientology. She however decided that Scientology wasn’t her cup of tea and stopped following it. Smart girl.


6 comments on “Caricature/Cartoon Tom Cruise – The Caricaturist undertakes Mission Impossible to play the Matchmaker!

  1. I must tell you Shafali, that there are many women across the globe who would not mind at all if Tom Cruise parked his shoes under their bed. He has charisma for sure but some very strange beliefs. If I remember correctly, he filed for divorce from Nicole Kidman, blindsiding her, before they were married 10 years. Speculation was that there was a clause in their prenuptual agreement that would kick in at the 10 year anniversary that would gove Nicole Kidman a ton of money should they divorce after that. Putting aside all of his strange behavior, I must admit that I love to watch him onscreen. He attempts stunts that curl the brain and while you have captured his nose correctly ( I know how much you love those huge noses) his smile can be intoxicating. I hope that any women who find themselves involved with him in the future, realize that the liaison might be short-lived. Deep religious beliefs can warp many minds and his has not escaped the onslaught of Scientology. I hope he feels that the sacrifices he has suffered in his personal life are worth the devotion he has to that religion.


    • I had been wondering why he and Nicole Kidman separated. He had a pre-nup with Katie Holmes too. I know I haven’t captured his smile in the caricature. Side-faces aren’t the best for capturing smiles, and the concept required that I drew his face from the side. Perhaps, I ‘ll do another caricature of his that brings out his charismatic smile 🙂

      Scientology has its share of funny ideas, but then if we looked at any other religion from an external viewpoint, it’d be true for all other religions too. I guess in a few thousand years, Scientology will have found its “rightful” place 🙂


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