“Drawing Caricatures and Cartoons” a Half-Day Free Workshop in Noida, Delhi NCR – Announcement.

Dear Friends from the Cyberspace,

I shall be conducting a FREE half-day workshop called “Drawing Caricatures and Cartoons” on the afternoon of September 23, 2012, which is a Sunday.

I know that most of my visitors are from the United States and other parts of the world, yet there are many who reside in India, and some who live in Delhi and around. I receive emails from budding cartoonists and caricaturists all the time, asking me whether I could find a way to share my methods with them. They also write to me for my book, “The Evolution of a Caricaturist” wondering how they can read it, now that isn’t available at Knol anymore.

About sharing my caricaturing/cartooning methods

I am trying to make a small beginning through this workshop. In this half day workshop, we will discuss and draw caricatures and cartoons. Please find the details in this pdf here. I’ll convey the exact venue and time to the invitees through email a week before the workshop. I hope that the budding illustrators of Delhi and around, who have an inclination towards making cartoons and caricatures, will find it useful.

To my visitors who aren’t from Delhi-NCR, I’d like to say that while I deeply regret not being able to connect with them through this workshop. I hope to take it online in some way, some day – and then we’ll meet and draw together 🙂

A Free Illustration and Cartooning workshop in Delhi-NCR by Shafali.

Click the image to download the details of the workshop.

About the How to Draw Caricatures book “The Evolution of a Caricaturist”

I haven’t forgotten those 60,000 or so views and those lovely remarks that you shared on my book when it was on Knol. In fact, your emails will allow me to forget neither the book nor the fact that there are many artists who I have promised that the book will be back soon, in a new avatar. I must tell you that I’ve been working on the book and that I hope to bring it to you around the time of the New Year. A Christmas gift perhaps. If you are interested in the book please follow this blog. When the book comes out, I’ll let you all know about it here.

This book is for all my dear visitors from everywhere, and I hope that it will help you all enrich your caricaturing experiences.

Thanks again for your interest and attention.

I shall look forward to meeting some of you on September 23, Sunday Afternoon.

Best Wishes,

Shafali the Caricaturist



Coming Soon…Announcement of a Cartoon/Caricature Drawing Workshop in Delhi NCR.

Dear visitors from Delhi NCR,

I am planning to organize an art workshop that would focus on the art of cartoon and caricature drawing. I haven’t decided upon the date and the venue yet, but I intend to organize it on a Sunday in September (the best time of the year in Delhi.)

The detailed announcement will follow. In the meantime, I recommend that you go through my gallery. If you like what you see there, if you like to draw, and if you reside in Delhi NCR; revisit this blog or better still, begin following it so that you don’t miss the announcement:)

That’s all for now…I’ll be back soon. Right now I’ve got to get going as I am the official caricaturist at this party that Lord Indra is hosting on those dark n soggy clouds that have been hovering over Delhi for the last three days.

More later…Indra Deva has sent a pick-up rath (a royal chariot, specially designed for the caricaturist…it even has my own caricature embossed on it) for me and it’s causing a traffic jam outside my house…

Until then…and forever…