Hypnotoy – Unwind and Relax with a Beautiful and Captivating App.

Hypnotoy is available on the App Store, and its icon is looking…oh, so beautiful. I don’t own jewelry but then what woman doesn’t dream of owning at least some. I own a piece of jewelry in my iPad, and it’s the Hypnotoy icon. I love it, and I really truly mean it.  (I do wonder somtimes whether it would look more interesting if it had my cartoon on it, instead of that portrait of Queen Nefertiti. While I think that she’s a tad prettier than me (all because she’s got a small, straight nose unlike my round, large one,) still I have a strong preference for cartoons!

Hypnotoy - A beautiful, hypnotic App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod, by Grouchy Gremlins

Click the above icon to check out the App, its description, and its screenshots on the App Store.

Anyway, what’s important is, what do we find when you get that App into your iPad (1, 2, New) or iPhone (3GS, 4, 4S, 5 – whichever you own,) or your iPod touch?

You find a thing of beauty.

According to John Keats, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.”

  • You get 100 hand-crafted Dancing Experiences that enchant you with their beauty.
  • You swipe and double-tap, and Hypnotoy entertains you by porting you away from your troubles, into a beautiful world of visual poetry, by changing the experiences and the dances.
  • If you don’t want to even swipe and double-tap ,You can delegate the task of choreography to the Gremlins, and let the toy perform for you.
  • You can select your favorite Experiences and create a Playlist, which either you or the Gremlins can control.
  • You can photograph your favorite steps in the different Dancing Experiences to store or share.

Hypnotoy - The Toy of Joy - A Beautiful App for your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch - Available on the App Store.

More later…

And yes, Mitt Romney…I must caricature him with his foot in his mouth (before he becomes the President of the US!)

Stay happy, keep smiling 🙂


6 comments on “Hypnotoy – Unwind and Relax with a Beautiful and Captivating App.

  1. I look forward to having some fun with this Shafali! Hearing you say that about Mac, since I need a new computer, I wonder if I ought to make the transition now! I’m out of the business world and into my writing and photography so why not??

    Again, many thanks Shafali and I hope this is a firecracker for you. You know I’ll write about it and talk it up!


    • You should, Amy, you should. In the long run, a Mac is cheaper. It comes with its OS, its software apps – the kind of apps you don’t ever see when you work on a Windows computer. I lost many many years of my life to Windows. I always thought of Mac people as snobs – but now that I have crossed over – I know why. You waste less time, things work about 99% of the times, and for the other 1%, you’ve got Apple.

      Thanks for your kind words. I have a feeling you’ll love it – I know that I’ll continue to play with it for years. It’s like a real world toy – you keep coming back to it, and the experience renews itself. The Hypnotoy owners are giving it some good ratings on different sites that picked it up on its release, and I hope the trend continues. A Holiday update is already planned 🙂


  2. Unfortunately I have none of the above. I read on Kindle and my cell phone is just a cell phone – not smart, not i-anything (I’m not a Mac user, in case you didn’t notice1 ;)). But this looks funny! 😀
    Noooo, it’s a time waster, gotta go back to writing/drawing/reading/watching Bollywood movies – scratch the last one, that’s another procrastination technique, LOL!


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