Caricatures/Cartoons of President Barack Obama – Mitt Romney’s Coming Soon.

Click here to view President Obama rejoicing upon winning his second term 🙂

It’s time for Americans to choose their new President.

I’ve followed the three Presidential and one Vice-Presidential Debates closely; I’ve seen the Aggressive Romney of the first debate turn somewhat docile over the past one month. I believe that Romney has the expertise to put the house in order. I am not sure of his foreign policy though. I’ve been thinking of creating a caricature of Romney for a very long time (truth be told, I already have a digital one ready, but that was created when I hadn’t watched Romney talk…at least I hadn’t seen him talk long enough to really understand how his features worked together to create various expressions.) Now, after all these debates, I feel that I need to make another caricature of his. I am working on it, I assure you.

In the meantime, let me show you all the Obama Caricatures that I’ve published on this blog in the past three years.

Obama Care – Cynically yours (2012)

Caricature of Barack Obama - 2012 US Presidential Elections - Health-care Bill Upheld

Penalty or Tax? Whatever! (Published in The Suit Magazine – October 2012 Issue – Copyrighted Image – Contact me or use.)

The Debt Burden  (2011)

Political Cartoons - Caricature of Barack Obama, the US Debt Burden, and S&P reducing the credit rating to AA+

Illustrated for The Suit Magazine – Issue 43 (Copyrighted Image – Contact me for use.)

A Worried President Obama after being elected as President – (Early 2009)

(I know you can’t read the text – but I was just beginning :))

Two pups reflect over President Barack Obama's worries about Bo.

What’s he thinking?

I will be back with Mitt Romney’s Caricature…soon 🙂 Until then…stay happy!


3 comments on “Caricatures/Cartoons of President Barack Obama – Mitt Romney’s Coming Soon.

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  2. You think Romney is the man for the job of President of the United States of America! Shafali, puh-lease! The man is a right-wing nutjob. He makes even Attila the Hun look like a wishy-washy liberal pinko. There is only one way to bring the U.S. back from the brink of ruin and that is to rein in the corporations, cut their political power and (especially) make them pay their taxes. Take GE, for example. In 2010, the company reported global profits of over $14 billion. They paid nothing in tax. Not only that, they managed to claim a $3.2 billion subsidy from the American taxpayer because they were so “poor”. Creative accounting, a Republican candidate in your pocket and it’s champagne all round!


    • David, I am undecided (not that it matters – because I am not going to vote.) However, I’d always favor a man with business credentials than one with none. I also think that Organizations aren’t evil, and while some might be run by men and women with evil purpose, most of the innocent, general public won’t get their jobs if it weren’t for these organizations. I understand how businesses often exploit loopholes in the law – but then that only goes to prove that they are smarter than the law-makers, who left those loopholes in the first place. I’d always have the smarter guy lead me – because if he were the captain of the ship, he’ll make sure that the ship doesn’t sink. However, this is all theoretical – we await America’s decision 🙂


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