Caricature/Cartoon – Mitt Romney – The Republican Presidential Candidate in the 2012 US Elections

The next stopover in Governor Mitt Romney‘s campaign is the blog of this caricaturist. Of course, he doesn’t know about it yet. While you may find this caricature of Romney a tad unflattering and you may also feel like suggesting that this caricature definitely cannot be a campaign poster for Mr. Mitt Romney. Yet, if you’ve been following him, he might just end up doing another political gaffe by actually picking up this caricature for his poster.

Which caricature, you ask?

Well, this one 🙂

Mitt Romney's Gaffes - A Visual Interpretation - A Caricature, Cartoon, and Sketch of Mitt Romney, the Republican Presidential Candidate in the 2012 US Elections.

(It isn’t looking bright and nice because it’s a photograph of the drawing, with enough shadows of the paper’s grain to make it almost un-usable. The drawing is 8 inches by 11 inches, and I will scan it the day I get my scanner repaired, which may take a long time…actually.)

The regular visitors of my blog must’ve slipped into the lazy habit of expecting the shortest possible biography of the person I caricature. To indulge them, here’s a short and crisp bio on this gentleman, who was once on the list of the top 50 most beautiful people in the world, by one of those best-of-the-best kind of magazines – People Magazine.

Mitt Romney – A Short Biography

Mitt Romney was born in 1947. He was born to a rich and influential couple (naturally, his silver spoon-fed childhood has attracted many unsavory comments from his political rivals,) but he wasn’t a spoiled little brat, ever. While he wasn’t Einsteinian bright at school, he did quite well at college, and graduated with a degree in law and management both, from Harvard. He got married in 1969, at a young age of 22.

He started his professional career with BCG (Boston Consultancy Group) and then moved on to Bain Capital, the organization that he helped turn around (and also gave his rivals, tons of ammunition to bore holes through his good will hunting.)

To make a long story short, Romney went from one success to another, and ended up becoming the Governor of Massachusetts, one of the most progressive states in the US.

He is now contesting the US Presidential Elections against US President Barack Obama.

The Subject of this Caricature = Romney – the Gaffe-Vending Machine

Perhaps he has stopped, but I am not sure, because long time habits aren’t very easy to break, and this habit has lasted Romney the entire election season. Romney has damaged his chances of winning the elections by saying stuff that no sane politician ever utters in the public. For instance he made the 47% American Non-Tax-payers remark, which didn’t go down well with many Americans (Obviously, including the 47% that he was talking about.) Romney made another statement about the Middle Class American being defined as someone who earns less than 200,000 USD a year, which obviously implied that he had no idea of what the average American takes home. He also expressed his heart-ache over his dad not being born of Mexican parents (it would’ve given him opportunities that he didn’t get…perhaps.)

I think that if he weren’t so rich, and if he could express himself in a more politically-correct manner, he would win. While he still can win (at the time of making this post, an opinion poll gives Romney a lead of 5 solid points over Obama,) yet there’s now a cloud of doubt that hangs over his victory.

Obama vs. Romney

I rooted for Obama in the last elections. Quite like the Americans who voted him in, I expected him to change things. Perhaps he did change something, but I am yet to understand it. Osama bin Laden was caught and killed. Fine. The auto-industry was saved – much appreciated. The unemployment numbers began to drop, but only very recently. Will they continue to climb, after Obama is re-elected? What I wonder is – whether all this would’ve not happened, had someone else been at the helm of affairs. Oh…another reason, for my rooting for Obama was John McCain – I just could imagine him as the President of the US. He didn’t look presidential enough to this caricaturist.

These elections, I am not sure. If only Romney conducts himself better, if only he doesn’t let religious biases affect political decisions, if only…

I guess I am not sure.

I am just happy that I made at least one caricature of Romney, to tell you that I am not biased 🙂


11 comments on “Caricature/Cartoon – Mitt Romney – The Republican Presidential Candidate in the 2012 US Elections

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  2. Barb you are obviously confusing Mitt Romney with a congressional candidate from Missouri named Todd Aiken who spoke about consenual rape and abortions and a whole bunch of other nonsense. He, by the way, did not get elected. I personally believe that a woman is entitled to get an abortion but I do not condone late term abortions which I feel are nothing but murder in disguise. And I certainly do not condone repeated abortions for women who are too lazy to use birth control…..especially those that are on the public dole. If they learned not to bed hop, they would not be seeking an abortion clinic every few years. But that is my personal opinion and everyone does not need to agree with it. In our home, we had 2 children, we wanted 2 children, we planned for 2 children and we used birth control to make sure we only had 2 children. And where I went to school ( Catholic girls school) birth control talk was taboo but I learned about it anyway,

    This country still has a very divided electorate and a gridlocked and disfunctional congress. Let’s see what the next 4 years bring because in this election we did not vote for anything or anyone either that will improve the functioning of our government. The House is still controlled by the Republicans and the Senate by the Democrats. My fear is that there will be more fighting and nothing will get done to solve the problems we face in this country. We may be the greatest country in the world ( again my opinion) but we’ve got a ton of problems!


    • My fear is that the US politics might end up changing the value-system of America. If that happens, all Americans regardless of who they voted for, will find themselves in a country that isn’t at the top anymore. Granted that there’s a lot that America has already achieved and it will be a long time before it all gets eroded, but it will – because when the enterprising decide to call it quits, then the only means left to generate revenue would be trading (of favors, of goods, of services) and value-creation will come to a halt. Perhaps, the day will never come; perhaps it will – only time will tell.


    • You mean to say he raped women?! I don’t think that American Justice System would let Romney run for elections if he had. However, if you are speaking about being Pro-life, as a woman I think that a woman who becomes pregnant through rape should have the right to decide whether or not she wants to keep the child. Nevertheless, there are long-term effects of even the flutter of a butterfly’s wings, and unless President Obama changes some of his policies and reduces his extreme left-wing-ism, US may move away from what it’s known for – innovation, freedom, and respect of human life. Things aren’t really going right, if China has found the nerve to admonish the President of US. President Obama is a good man, he now needs to become a strong man too. I’ll be posting another Caricature of Obama on his victory, soon. Drew it yesterday:)


      • being “pro-life” in such a way and saying there’s such thing as “consensual rape” – even on children! Can’t scroll my FB page to check, but I saw things that made my hair stand on my arms (that’s the only place were I have hair, as my legs are hairless, LOL)… I thought the man is crazy, being “pro-life” like that is sick! 😦
        Besides, Barak has Michelle, a woman we should all copy according to the African lady on the bus yesterday – Michelle is so brave she’s an example to all women! 😉


      • Well…they have 4 more years – and let us hope that Michelle’s strength seeps into the decisions that America makes in these coming years. About the bravery bit – did the lady share examples? 🙂


  3. Well by this time tomorrow night we will be glued to the TV watching the early returns and predictions. I, for one, will be happy when the political TV ads are finally finished and these two guys and everyone else running for office stop telling les about their opponent. Only fools believe the outrageous claims made in those political ads…..but then we have a lot of them …..fools, that is…….in these United States. I hope the majority of them can ferret out the truth…..enough of it to vote responsibly.


    • We’ll be glued to the TV too. These elections are going to be interesting, and there are going to be a lot of people who won’t be happy with the results. The question is – which ones? The reds or the blues?


    • That’s right. He did inherit a nightmare. Remember my first caricature of him (with that faraway look in his eyes.) Mittens isn’t leaving the important job of sawing to anyone else 🙂


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