How to Draw Cartoons? A New Series of Posts is starting this Week!

Last night, I was carried out of my computer (if you don’t know what this is about, click here to read about my incredibly journey). I was exhausted but happy. Spending time with Adobe Photoshop, Flash, and Illustrator, was a cathartic experience. While I was in there, I also had some time to reflect upon what I wanted to do for the young, probing, crazy minds who come to my blog looking for awesome learning material. It’s a fact that “The Evolution of a Caricaturist” isn’t available online any longer. Google Knol ditched me at the last moment, and like any other artist, I don’t have the energy to re-do the book for the blog etc. So unless some publisher offers to take it off my hands and publish it without making me rehash it…

What is it that I can give the thirsty-for-more, ever-inquisitive art-learner then?

The answer is – a Brand New Series on How to Draw Cartoons – The Evolution of a Cartoonist!

Whether it evolves into a book, whether it follows the example set by its elder sibling “The Evolution of a Caricaturist” and wows you, will be seen. Instead of using another platform that may disappear any time, leaving me in a lurch; I’ll publish this work as a collection of posts here at “Shafali’s Caricatures & Cartoons“.

So, if you want to explore the fascinating world of cartoon-drawing, click “Follow,” or “I Do” button in the “Stay in Touch” section on the right side bar, to subscribe to this blog!

Hoping for bigger and better things for everyone in the blogoverse…

– The Caricaturist who implores you to Draw to Smile!


One comment on “How to Draw Cartoons? A New Series of Posts is starting this Week!

  1. Hi Shafali,

    It’s about time that You find the courage to publish again YOUR great work what YOU made public on Google-Knol! WE ALL suffered when Google-Knol discontinued its services on May 2012 (I had > 1,4 million visits… very hard…), BUT I also started again from scratch on publishing on WordPress, I don’t regret it… Takes time to build up again, but at least, the most important is what we want to publish and especially the reason why!

    The reason why is for me the knowledge transfer, giving people my knowledge through my FREE courses, and I think that YOU are swimming on the same wave 😉

    Keep up the good work and waiting to see YOUR new posts, like on old days on Google-Knol 😉 Have a great weekend 🙂



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