Happy New Year 2013 – May this Year be different…

May this year surprise us by not bringing us news that makes us cringe and cry, that makes us feel sad and hopeless, and that makes us wonder whether the planet that we inhabit isn’t really turning into hell.

I wish that in this new year:

The politicians keep their promises,
The terrorists drop their guns,
The rapists are brought to justice,
The psychos get help before they murder innocents,
The religious fanatics turn rational and moderate,
The war-mongers lose their blood-lust, and
The fraudsters lose their greed!

and that everyone  finds happiness, health, and love.
A Happy New Year wish card for 2013  with a pup's cartoon.


8 comments on “Happy New Year 2013 – May this Year be different…

  1. Gee Shafali….that is quite a list ta hope fer……we sure hope it comes true cause we think this world has gone pretty wild……’n somethin’ needs ta change or we all might be prayin’ fer the end ta come. Way too many horrible things have happened lately….hopefully 2013 will bring a new beginning and a more peaceful world.

    Dewey Dewster here….


    • I know 😦 Sadly, the graph looks like it could be going anywhere but up. Bad things are happening at a rather accelerated pace…aren’t they? But then we can’t let go of hope…that’s the only thing that’d help us march forth…


    • I do hope that we can do something, but for more than a decade, every New Year turns out to be worse than its predecessor. I hope that the Mayans were insinuating that the world would be reborn in 2013 – and a rebirth sometimes may be a metamorphosis (remember the birth of a butterfly?)


  2. *Thanks wish you the same, As a senior cartoonist sincerely see you grow in 2013 * **vinns* * *>vijay narain seth >>fine.artist~cartoonist~fotobuff <<*


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