The Caricaturist faces the love-assassins and beats her Rival-in-Love!

Hi Folks,

I’ve been missing. I know that there’s no point telling you where I had been, because you’ll snigger and say, “Oh yeah? Really?” But then that’s something that I’ve been hearing all my life, for everything that I ever do, so…go ahead and snigger. I’ll tell you exactly where I was – you may do what you please.

I was, my friends, in the beautiful land of Love and Romance. I was in a place where the trees had leaves and flowers had petals that were shaped like little hearts; where love-notes and beautiful pink envelopes rained from the sky, and where a sweet little dove took my love-messages to my sweetheart.

But then you know that no fairy tale is ever complete without a villain, and so there was a villain too. This woman, my rival in love, was a beautiful witch who wanted to win the affection of my sweetheart! Now any cartoonist or caricaturist will vouch for the veracity of this convoluted statement o’mine – “It isn’t easy for us artists to find someone who’d love us. Oh, we fall in love at the drop of a hat, but to have our love reciprocated is a mammoth task. I mean, who in his right mind would fall in love with an unkempt, shabby person who buys dresses that are at least four-sizes too big, and whose lone lipstick also doubles as highlighter?”

So, when this beautiful but unethical witch fell for the only guy who had ever tried to look beyond my hopelessly wild exterior, into my sweet though slightly critical soul – things got slightly out of hand. She had money, you see. Tons of gold and silver, and so she recruited these love-assassins to stop me from writing to him! But then, I am not the kind who gives up easily, especially in the matters of heart. So I fought back. I fought this long war, which was made of 54 battles; and in the end, I won!

You don’t believe me, do you?
I can see you sniggering. You think that such a place doesn’t exist. You think that the Land of Love and Romance is a figment of my imagination? You think that a caricaturist cannot compete with a beautiful witch, and win the game of love?
I’ll tell you more about this place when we meet next. By then, if the witch has given up, and my love is returned, I will make those caricatures that I promised I would.


Important! Whose caricatures would you like to see here this month?

Hi Friends,

I am planning to make some caricatures this month and I am dead serious about this. I haven’t done a lot a caricatures since Romney lost to Obama (Horrible horrible stuff – but recall that this wasn’t scanned, it was photographed, and then it was photoshot (oops, I meant photoshopped) to make it look acceptable. When I was done, I understood why I am never called in to Photoshop-out Aishwarya’s double-chin or make Bips look fairer!) 

Let me stop spinning a long and tangled yarn and tell you straightaway that I think it’s now time to revive the caricaturist in me, and put her to work.

The question is – whose caricatures should I create?

The answer is: I am not sure. There are so many famous people out there that I can’t decide.

Will you help?

In each of the following categories whose caricature would you like to see here. Please leave your thoughts as a comment.

Internationally Famous Personalities:

(Note: I am adding the suggestions that I’ve already taken. Additional suggestions are welcome :))

  • 2 Actors (1 Male and 1 Female)  (Dustin Hoffman, Billy Crystal) and “you-know-who” (even though you-know-how isn’t yet an international celeb.)
  • 1 Singer/Musician (Male/Female) (Bette Midler, Willie Nelson)
  • 1 Politician (Male/Female) (Burlesque-oni)
  • 1 Historical Figure (Male/Female) (“You-know-who” as Akbar.)
  • 1 Fictional Figure (Male/Female)

Please post your thoughts and help a caricaturist in distress.

I’ll  be back soon…perhaps with the caricatures you desire 🙂

I’d like to thank you in advance for your help this important matter,

– Shafali The Caricaturist.

My New Year Resolution – Keep my resolutions!

———- Warning Begins ————

This is a personal post, and it will be of no interest to most of my visitors. I request you to skip it and find more interesting stuff in my Caricature Gallery here 🙂 I apologize for not having updated it recently, still you can find about 80 caricatures there, and that will hopefully make your visit here a success.

———- Warning Ends ————

The Post begins….

Without spinning a long yarn, I’d like to come straight to the point of this pointy, caricaturist-bashing post. (About the caricaturist-bashing bit, you’ll have to read between the lines.)

My Resolutions for the year 2013, in form of fluid and subjective thoughts are as follows. The corresponding measurable objectives would appear in my diary, because they’ve no business flaunting themselves on a caricaturist’s blog.  Note that intellectual and practical stuff is bad for the caricaturist’s image.

1. I’ll write a lot more. (How much more? Well that’s the part that goes into the diary that I haven’t yet bought, because I’ve been terribly busy drawing non-caricature things.) At this point, I must direct you to the source of my inspiration, Ms. Barbwire who writes so much and yet blogs so regularly. She makes me wonder whether she’s got a magic wand that she’s spun out of her imagination, quite like her stories!

2. I will post more caricatures and cartoons on this blog. (How many more? Last year I made an average of one post a week, and if my memory serves me right, I must’ve posted not more than 1 caricature/cartoon a month. That puts me at the nadir of the performance barometer. So, its got to be substantially more – actual figures go into that diary that I haven’t bought yet.) For achieving this, I must get a new scanner, so I will.

3. I will visit more blogs. I seldom visit another blog. Recently, I’ve started looking at the new posts section in the WordPress Dashboard, and I have also visited a few blogs. Unfortunately, this is like looking for a needle in a haystack. So, if you are an artist, a writer, a teacher, a student, an engineer, or a scientist, or anyone else who writes regularly, who think they’d want a caricaturist lurking around on their blog, do leave your address in the comment section. I’d love to find more blogs to follow.

4. I’ll try to be more polite to people who irk me. This’s going to be the toughest resolution to keep. Those who are burdened with an artistic temperament are seldom polite when they should be – they are only polite when they want to be. Now, this is something that I need to really learn before I die. (Here’s an idea for a post: “Ten Things to Learn before your Die.”)

5. I’ll draw more so that I smile more 🙂 (The details, of course, will be written in my diary, in longhand, and signed with one of my many artistic signatures.)

I think five resolutions are enough for me to try to keep. Please leave your inspirational remarks and share your concern about my mental health – I am really falling apart as my multiple personalities are fighting with one-another to get the lion’s share of my time. I won’t mind some help here, and yes, I promise to be “polite.”

PS: If only, if only, if only I’d do a read-through before pressing the Publish button! But I won’t…because then I won’t be me. (shuffle…shuffle. !!!That was someone dejectedly shuffling away.)