Important! Whose caricatures would you like to see here this month?

Hi Friends,

I am planning to make some caricatures this month and I am dead serious about this. I haven’t done a lot a caricatures since Romney lost to Obama (Horrible horrible stuff – but recall that this wasn’t scanned, it was photographed, and then it was photoshot (oops, I meant photoshopped) to make it look acceptable. When I was done, I understood why I am never called in to Photoshop-out Aishwarya’s double-chin or make Bips look fairer!) 

Let me stop spinning a long and tangled yarn and tell you straightaway that I think it’s now time to revive the caricaturist in me, and put her to work.

The question is – whose caricatures should I create?

The answer is: I am not sure. There are so many famous people out there that I can’t decide.

Will you help?

In each of the following categories whose caricature would you like to see here. Please leave your thoughts as a comment.

Internationally Famous Personalities:

(Note: I am adding the suggestions that I’ve already taken. Additional suggestions are welcome :))

  • 2 Actors (1 Male and 1 Female)  (Dustin Hoffman, Billy Crystal) and “you-know-who” (even though you-know-how isn’t yet an international celeb.)
  • 1 Singer/Musician (Male/Female) (Bette Midler, Willie Nelson)
  • 1 Politician (Male/Female) (Burlesque-oni)
  • 1 Historical Figure (Male/Female) (“You-know-who” as Akbar.)
  • 1 Fictional Figure (Male/Female)

Please post your thoughts and help a caricaturist in distress.

I’ll  be back soon…perhaps with the caricatures you desire 🙂

I’d like to thank you in advance for your help this important matter,

– Shafali The Caricaturist.

11 comments on “Important! Whose caricatures would you like to see here this month?

  1. Actors – you know who, and you can draw him with Pryanka Chopra, as they are often on screen together and they both dance beautifully! 😉
    Singer – I’ve stopped watching MTV so I’m musically stuck in the 80s and 90s (except for Bollywood soundtracks, of course)
    Politician – I’ve never followed politics. And we have elections coming, yikes. Mr B is coming back! 😦
    Historical figure – which reminds me I should go back to my historical novel and historical research… no, wait, that would mean less time to blog, read and write everything else… mmm, maybe next year! 😉 OK, I know! Emperor Akbar – because there’s an exhibition about him in Rome at this time! (AAAAAND because the aforementioned guy played him on screen, LOL!)
    Fictional figure – I’d suggest one of my charactes, but then you’d have to read the book… 😉


    • I’ve already promised a caricature of you-know-who 🙂 You missed the “international” bit. PC is far from becoming an international celeb, and honestly, I don’t like her a lot. I’d rather draw Sonakshi or Anushka than Priyanka or Deepika, but right now I am not keen on those youngish faces. I’d like to work with the lines of age and experience.

      So, Mr. Burlesque-oni is on.

      Give me time to decide upon Akbar. There’s no true likeness of him existing anywhere…so perhaps, I’d draw the caricature of you-know-who as Akbar. Feed two birds at the same time! (I don’t like the “kill birds” quote, so I though up one of my own.)

      Fictional figure?

      I still await suggestions 🙂


      • I forgot to say “Don’t use you-know-who to feed two birds at the same time”! Not fair! 😉 (I hate him with the moustache!) – there’s plenty of miniatures about the real Akbar, BTW… although they’re not real portraits.
        Okay, international actress… well, Ash is pretty international by now. But maybe you already did her. Michelle Pfeiffer is the model for Amazonia – and when I’m her age I want to look like her! 😉
        Fictional figure – try Kol-ian, the technological angel! You can see the drawings I did of him in my DeviantART gallery! 😉 (and no, don’t pick Ker-ris so you’d feed two birds at the same time again and avoid drawing you-know-who!)! 😀


      • Aishwarya? No way. I used to like her, but that was a long time ago. I am a huge fan of Salman Khan, and that lady left Salman Khan for…believe it or not, Abhishek Bachchan! And now, she isn’t even beautiful. Coming to Kol-ian…he’s too handsome. Yet, if you are willing to swap you-know-whose caricature for Kol-ian’s, I’ll do it. IMHO, Kol-ian has a much better nose, which I’ll happily distort!


      • I don’t like Sallu, so I don’t care who she is with. I’m about to comment on SRK’s FB page, as he keeps comparing himself to the other 2 Khans – grow up, guys, you’re 47, all of you! (Amir is the only one older than me)
        Kol-ian is not you know who, Ker-ris is. Kol-ian is my first muse when he was younger and scar-less (because Kol-ian had genetically reinforced skin – had to find pics pre-belly scar of Keanu or not draw the scar, LOL).
        Unless he’s Brad Pitt, they all have nose problems, dear… 😉


      • Oh…ok 🙂 Kol-ian seems to be an interesting mutant (right?) The guy doesn’t seem to have any nose problem in his portrait (btw, his portrait is very Sallu-ish. Salman Khan is known for showing off his torso.


      • so is Keanu. The Greg Gorman pics from the early 90s show everything, yes, the full picture from behind. And I have one signed by him where he points at his a.. as his “best part”! 😉 And I have more of him bare-chested…


      • It’s getting a little hot here 🙂 I didn’t watch Ek Tha Tiger and Dabangg 2, as I’ve been quite busy, but I hope to watch them soon. Oh, and I am also writing a short story (fantasy genre) for your blog! Brace yourself!


  2. Well, I must say Shafali that I am not familiar with most of the younger generation of actors or singers… might say that I live quite a bit in the past…….an unfortunate by-product of being a baby boomer. So my suggestions will likely be other members of the baby boomers or even older. How about Dustin Hoffman, actor……you love noses and he as a good one. Or Billy Crystal….comedian, actor. For an actress……a real character who passed away in 2012 was Phyllis Diller……she was a character with features that she disguised so that she could be a comedian…..or getting a bit closer to the newer generation, Jane Lynch who as been on so many programs lately…..she has come into her own.

    A singer…….now I can actually name a few here…..Jennifer Hudson, Barbra Streisand, Bette Middler, Lady Gaga who is already a caricature of a person or Taylor Swift…….for men…..I love Michael Buble or to name a real character, Willie Nelson……you wouldn’t have to exaggerate much on him.

    I think I will let others suggest people in the other categories…..brain drain……


    • Hi Nancy,

      Thanks a ton for the suggestions 🙂 Dustin Hoffman, Billy Crystal are in. And I must draw Streisand. She’s got such an interesting face, and also Bette Midler…she is super-awesome! I don’t know why I didn’t draw her until now. I’ll take up Willie Nelson in the Male Singers Category 🙂

      I hope another reader stops by to suggest a political figure. I am going to draw Burlesque-oni (if Barb permits me to,) but he belongs more in the Entertainment sphere.

      Thanks again,


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