Caricature: David Cameron upon hearing that Scotland said No to Divorce!

Did you know that David Cameron had worried himself sick (got ulcers) on the issue of the Scottish Referendum. When he heard the result and realized (realised) that Scotland had voted for “no divorce” for a moment he couldn’t believe his ears. In fact, the Queen was so happy that she purred (as told to the media by David Cameron.)

Caricature Cartoon of British PM David Cameron upon hearing the result of the Scottish Referendum (Caricature created using Toonsie Roll - an iOS App for iPhone and iPad.)

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The Toonsie Roll App

The look of slight confusion (the eyebrows raised in the middle, the partially open mouth) and yet relief creeping up at the corners of his lips – it actually fits the situation perfectly. As an artist, I’d have spent hours trying to get that look right – but I used Toonsie Roll and got the whole caricature along with the emoji, the text, the signature, and of course, the caricature – in four minutes flat. Isn’t that cool? All on the basis of intuition. The point is – it’s tons of fun to caricature people you know – for instance, your boy/girl-friend, your boss (oh yes,) or even your friends – and all you need to create a caricature master-piece is this app in your device 🙂 Send me a message through the contact form, and I’ll let you know when it hits the App Store!

Anyway, coming back to Cameron’s delight upon the positive (er..negative) vote – the percentage that voted for divorce (45%) and that voted for staying married (55%) doesn’t show a very wide gap, which means there still is a sizable population that wants to separate – so his worries might not be over yet. Amidst allegations of vote-rigging, the Scottish referendum of 2014 is already stirring up emotions instead of settling them down.

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2 comments on “Caricature: David Cameron upon hearing that Scotland said No to Divorce!

  1. I think that a lot of the world followed that Scotland referendum with great interest. I am sure that the UK is relieved that Scotland will remain a member of the United Kingdom for the foreseeable future. And Mr. Cameron, in that caricature, looks a lot like he probably felt waiting for those votes to be counted…..quite rattled….don’t you think?. Great job, Toonsie Roll ! That App should be a winner !

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    • You are right. He must be relieved. He looks like he’s been waiting to hear the result for a very long time…and now at the threshold of receiving the final verdict. The best part of caricaturing with Toonsie Roll is that a little patience and some tapping can result in excellent caricatures with the right exaggerations (we are intuitive enough to get those right,) and also the right kind of expressions. I’m so glad you like it 🙂 I’ll be updating the Toonsie Roll page ( ) on my site quite often…more caricatures to follow.


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