Caricature-Cartoon Jeb Bush: US Presidential Election 2016

While Hillary Clinton has still not confirmed her intention of running for the President in 2016, Jeb Bush has made it amply clear that he would.

Here’s a caricature that I did of Jeb Bush.

Caricature Cartoon in black and white drawing - US Presidential Elections - Jeb Bush - Republican Candidate

President Bush the Third!


About Jeb Bush:

Jeb Bush or “John Ellis Bush” Bush is George W. Bush‘s younger brother who has been Florida’s Governor for two-terms could be running for the 2016 Presidential elections. He was born in 1953, he grew up in Texas, then attended the University of Texas. Professionally, he was first a banker, then a real-estate marketer, then an entrepreneur. In 1983, he moved to Miami because he was made 40% partner in a firm – in his own words, “”I want to be very wealthy, and I’ll be glad to tell you when I’ve accomplished that goal.”

Bush was Governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007. He brought about educational reforms, implemented certain fiscal policy changes (bringing down the governmental spending along with the taxes,) and signed into Florida law, the Stand-your-Ground law.

Read more about him at: (source.)

Jeb Bush and 2016 US Presidential Elections:

(The Caricaturist’s View)

With Mitt Romney having stepped away from the race, his chances of his being chosen the Republican candidate may appear to have brightened and yet, there are a couple of reasons why it may not be really be a cakewalk for him.

The first reason could be his family. His surname is perceived to be more of a burden than a boon. I read the remarks left on his Facebook page, and I was mildly surprised to note that there were many who said they wouldn’t  vote for another Bush in the White House. He will have to differentiate (and perhaps distance) himself from the personality and philosophy of his brother George W. Bush. 

Another reason that could undermine the possibility of his becoming the republican presidential candidate could be his image of a moderate republican,  resulting mainly from  his soft stance on illegal immigrants. He might be correcting course on this issue, but it may not be enough.

Illegal immigration is a burning issue in the US and with the Obama administration’s continual attempts at appeasing them and converting them into a democratic vote bank, the republican camp may not want to field a candidate who has moderate, even democratic views on the issue.


8 comments on “Caricature-Cartoon Jeb Bush: US Presidential Election 2016

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  4. I guess I forgot to leave a comment about this. After his mother said that there have been enough presidents by the name of Bush in the White House, you would think maybe she didn’t feel that Jeb should run….that maternal opinion appears to have changed. And it appears as though he is considering a run in 2016. I hope he gets thoroughly vetted by the republican party since our friends in Florida say that he comes with a lot of baggage. And of course, it is tough to win an election if the other party attacks all of your baggage. Time will tell who wins the nomination but what a great likeness of good old Jeb.


    • Thanks Nancy 🙂 Coming from a family of past-presidents can be quite a baggage, and a few people mightn’t vote for him only for that reason. The American value-system that was once tilted toward merit and hard work is changing fast and if this continues, Americans might be voting for reasons other than those that align with merit – I think Jeb mightn’t have a chance if that happens. I’ll be watching the next race with a lot of interest.


  5. Now that’s something to sink my teeth into. I appreciate this write-up Shafali. Thanks for the research you passed along here. I appreciate your skill in both Caricature drawing and writing. Well done.


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