International Yoga Day (Caricature Art)

The mood is upbeat. Today is the International Yoga Day. One might think that UN suddenly woke up to the health-concerns of the world and made this announcement. It did wake up, but only after some lobbying by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who himself starts his day with yoga.

(Feel Free to reuse this caricature-artwork graphic, to laud this day and to herald Harmony & Peace. Though welcome, no special credit/link-back is required, but please use the graphic as-is, in its entirety.)

Caricature of Narendra Modi and The International Yoga Day Symbol - June 21


May the world become healthier and happier.



7 comments on “International Yoga Day (Caricature Art)

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  2. Hi Shafali, I’ve been having a look at some of your posts and I liked Modi caricature for International Yoga Day. I also read something interesting about you – you’re ambidextrous! Do you use a particular hand to do different tasks? I’m left handed which didn’t always go down well in India 🙂 I do some things with the right hand but the left is dominant.


    • Thanks for visiting. I am glad you liked my caricature of PM Modi. I can do almost all things with both hands, except where I’ve been trained to use a specific hand – for instance, to shake your hand, I’ll extend my right hand. I know that a lot of left-handed kids find it difficult to change hands (for instance for writing, eating, etc.) I never did. But over the years, I’ve allocated tasks based on which one performs better at it. So I draw a little better with my left hand than right, write a little better with my right…and so on – but often I don’t remember which hand to use for which task – whichever is up to it, I guess 🙂 PS: Couldn’t find your name on the blog – so can I call you Cyber Yoga Guru?

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      • Hi Shafali, thanks for sharing. My name is Hilary by the way. I’ve decided to choose a topic of handedness for today’s assignment so I’ll be linking your blog to my post. It’s a very interesting subject for me because I’m left handed..


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