Creativity Carnival: The Pocket Watch

My Dear Fellow-bloggers,

It’s time to unleash your creativity 🙂

Creativity Carnival - Blogging event for WordPress bloggers.

Let us kickstart the Creativity Carnival with this cue-art.  This is a Pen and Ink Drawing that I finished this morning. I will not speak about the cue-art and what brought it about, because I don’t want to taint your interpretation of it with my thoughts 🙂

Pocket watch pen and ink drawing - Blogging Creativity Carnival for bloggers - by shafali.


The Rules are super-simple 🙂

    1. Your cue is the artwork above.
    2. You have a week to get creative and make a post that connects with the cue.
    3. You are welcome to do anything creative with the cue. Here is a list of possibilities:
      • Write a Story (tiny/short/long…whichever works for you. A tip: Shorter Stories, more reads.)
      • Share an Anecdote
      • Write a Poem
      • Draw a doodle
      • Paint a picture
      • Some other creative craft that I can’t think of – but it must explore and even extend the portrayal in the artwork.
    4. Include the cue-art in your post.
    5. Link back to this Creativity Carnival Post so that a pingback is registered and other bloggers (including this caricaturist) can visit your post, like it, love it, and comment upon it 🙂

I have another suggestion 🙂 If we tagged our posts “creativity carnival” we could follow this tag in our Reader too. I’ve already tagged this post and will be tagging all my weekly carnival posts with “creativity carnival” tag. So if you start following the tag, you’ll find the newest carnivals in your Reader.

I will look forward to visiting your blogs 🙂

Let the Carnival Begin!


43 comments on “Creativity Carnival: The Pocket Watch

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  6. I know I’m a bit late, but I loved the exercise – and your lovely art-work. You are one very talented lady 😀 Can’t wait to see the next Creativity Carnival drawing and see what it inspires me to create .


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  10. Fellow-bloggers,
    Thanks for participating in the Carnival 🙂 I too am looking forward to drawing the next cue-art for you. I think some participants are facing an issue with linking. If you are, just send me an email. I’ve created a series of screenshots that can help. I can’t add them here, because this is an art-blog and I try to keep the graphics art-oriented 🙂
    Thanks again. It’s great to see that all of us are having fun with it.


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    • Thanks for responding to the prompt. Your take is interesting. It made me think of newer perspectives. I never thought of looking down and capturing what I saw. The image conveys a pensive mood – and the scribblings add a story to the sketch.


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    • Wow, what talent! There’s such depth in your poem. (I think I underestimated the inspirational value of a pocket-watch 🙂 – there’s more going on in there than even I realized.)


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