Fatigued…but will post something new tomorrow.

Dear Fellow-bloggers and my other Visitors,

Thanks for everything. For visiting my blog, for participating in the Creativity Carnival, for choosing my blog to confer awards upon it, and for liking and following. I’ve been a brat, I know. And I am sorry for not responding. I haven’t even been checking the Reader so no blog-visits either. I soon hope to be better and more in my element (the indefatigable artist.)

Just wanted to stop by and say thank you to everyone.

More tomorrow.


9 comments on “Fatigued…but will post something new tomorrow.

  1. I’m not surprised you’re fatigued. I couldn’t handle the pace you’ve set yourself. In fact, I’ve just had 4 completely screen-free days. I set up my latest transcription of His Gibship’s memoirs to go live during that time, and flitted off to Brisbane to stay with my brother. He’s an even bigger dinosaur than I am, so no internet access at his house. A truly great break. I helped him declutter (wish I was as ruthless with my own junk) and shift the furniture around. Plus, of course, I ate too much, as one does on holiday. Brilliant. We need time out 🙂


    • So…did you book a flight on a tornado? I don’t really set myself to all this – it just happens. Odd how we can always see the clutter in other people’s houses 🙂 I too will be taking a few days off…when, I can’t say.

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