The Caricaturist Returns from Krypton via Atlantis!

Just returned 🙂

A time-travel-space-travel combo can leave you drained! As you might’ve already surmised, my visit to Krypton took place in the past, before the planet had exploded. I didn’t go there by choice, General Zod‘s forces had abducted me and taken me away to caricature the whole council of elders. (Apple-polisher, that General Zod.) I had finished creating all their caricature-portraits just a few days before the cataclysm – and from there I was jettisoned into the future and landed in Argo City. Most of my time there, I was a prisoner who was tortured and had to draw whatever they wanted me to draw.

Superman helped me escape. Mainly because Krypto the Superdog put in a good word for me. I must tell you that Superman might be a great guy otherwise, but he really needs to wash that cape of his.

Unfortunately, before I could land safely back and before my feet could find solid ground, Superman was charmed away by a bevy of Atlantian beauties; meanwhile I was whisked away to Atlantis, where I was once again forced to paint their council of elders.

Last night, I suddenly woke up in my own bed. I have no idea how I reached home, but I have a feeling that the Atlantians decided that I was changing a nation of beautiful people into caricatures of themselves, and so they decided that enough was enough!

And so, ladies and gentlemen! I am back 🙂


37 comments on “The Caricaturist Returns from Krypton via Atlantis!

  1. I was ready to pack my bag and go off on a Shafali Quest! Roxie and ZuZu asked for you every day and I had no answers for them. Charley and I send you many hugs and we love your Kingfisher. Take care and sleep tight! Clare

    • I’ve been thinking about all of you too. How’s Charley? I’m ok. Wishing I were the kingfisher but I am not. I think of a lot of things at the same time…I need to exercise my eye-muscles.

      • Charley is great and has been wondering where you’ve been. I assured him you had not totally disappeared and we’d be hearing from you soon. He sends hugs.You’ve been quite busy I can see. I’m in the beginning stages of writing a mystery. I was plodding along and decided I didn’t like where it was going. So, this week I started all over again. I may have to take a break from blogging and everything else and just concentrate on getting a first draft completed.
        Last evening I was part of a panel of 3 authors talking about the “Writing Process” and how it differed from writer to writer. The other 2 authors were from academia and my little book differed from their works. Charley said that I held my own in such auspicious company. It was quite enjoyable and I wasn’t nervous at all.
        Take care and I’ll be checking in regularly now that I know you are back in action. Clare

      • Thank you, Clare and Charley. I’ve been busy but not with work. Work doesn’t tire me…but being busy for other reasons, does. I am glad that life is returning to normal. I must confess that events such as the Paris Attacks shake me up quite a bit. Those panel discussions on the writing process sound really exciting – doesn’t matter if the others were academicians. Academicians are generally a boring lot but once in a while they light-up. I am sure that being in the company of a children’s book author must’ve made them feel happy. And Clare, you’ve been in the military…if that didn’t make you lose your nerve, nothing can 🙂 Keep smiling and give my good wishes and regards to Charley.

      • And Charley is relieved you are back and OK – We were in Paris 2 years ago for his 65th Birthday. It has shaken us, too. I long for a kinder, gentler world like the one I created in A Berkshire Tale.The real one becomes more horrifying every day to me.

  2. So, you returned back safely! That’s great. Now, you should unveil all those caricatures drawn by you during your exile.
    Wish you a hearty welcome and all the best.

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