Paris Attacks – Why?

Paris Attacked

They attack everything that celebrates life.
They love to spread hatred and sow strife.

They do it…
Because they follow orders unthinking,
They walk around like zombies, unblinking.

They do it…
Because they think that the world is theirs by right.
They kill because they want to show their might.

They walk into a concert, they throw grenades,
they blow-up and smoke rises against the colonnades,

They do it…
Because venom was injected in their blood-stream,
long before they began to love, desire, and dream.

They do it…
Because caught in the web of their rote-learning,
they only want to see everything else burning.

Pen and Ink portrait of a girl - 9/11 and Terrorism. Cue-art for Creativity Carnival.

Sometimes the harshness of reality blinds us. It makes us avert our eyes, turn our back, and run away – back to the comfort of our homes, where we think we are safe.
But the reality doesn’t cease to exist.
It exists as 9/11, 11/26, Charlie Hebdo, and yesterday’s Paris Attacks.
We see the flares and wonder how it may have happened.
Then we turn and go back to the comfort of our homes, where we think we are safe.



19 comments on “Paris Attacks – Why?

  1. A worthy post by you, Shafali. I was viewing all these news online yesterday morning. Shocked to see the incidents. They are determined to spread terror and hatred among people by killing innocents. I think, they are mentally sick and do not have any feelings for human life. Or savageous. Pray, God grant some softness in their hearts to realise their mistakes.

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    • Yes, Mr. Venkatachari, these incidents crush my will to work. Yesterday I pushed myself to draw something…out of thin air (not really, I was reading a book and description made me draw it.) Will share soon.


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  3. Great job, Shafali on the poem ! You are actually a poet and perhaps you didn’t even know it. The Paris attacks took many people by surprise. The barbaric actions of these Devils should give everyone pause and make them more aware of their surroundings. I have to wonder how many of the radicals that perpetrated this latest atrocity were part of the poor……and I choke on that word………migrants and asylum seekers who entered Europe recently. Germany and the other countries who took them all in should now be shaking in their boots. I pray that the United States does not accept anymore of them and that all of the partner countries collectively can work together to hunt them down and kill them all. I think it is time to dust off and press into service a nuclear bomb to achieve that end. Our thoughts and prayers are with Paris and all of France right now. May God be with them !


    • Thanks Nancy. I don’t even remember the process of writing it. I think it wrote itself in about five minutes – or my anger and anguish took control. You’ve summarized the situation correctly. Unfortunately, the breeders of these terrorists are self-proclaimed peace-lovers who cannot see how extremist their own views about everything are – and there’s no easy way to separate the chaff from the grain…it’s a sticky situation, but I presume that’s what the grand plan that’s run through centuries, was.


  4. Well said. The TV news here in NZ has been full of this latest outrage. And I’d just finished reading a book called “A Song for Jenny”, written by a woman whose daughter was killed on her way to work in the 7/7 London bombings.


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