Smiles – Frolic: A Color Pencil Artwork that celebrates life.

In 2014, I had started working on a series of drawings that I had named “Smiles.” I had barely managed to color one of them when I faced my first real loss – the loss of a loved one. All other drawings in this series found their way into my Incomplete Drawings folder, and have stayed there as sketches.

This morning, I was struggling to find something happy to post. As I rummaged through my drawings done during the last two years, all I came up with were dark angry works – works that have no business appearing on a caricaturist’s blog. Then I came upon this, and I thought that if it was bright enough to bring a smile to my face, it was bright enough to be posted here.

Caricature of a funny girl smiling with a mouse that swings from her ears. Smiles Caricatures by Shafali.

Series: Smiles, Title of the Work: Frolic, Actual Size: 8″x10″, Medium: Color Pencils

I hope this spring-summer caricature brightens up your day too. Now I must get back to painting the Cover for Barbara G. Tarn’s novella “Charioteer of Buddha.”


9 comments on “Smiles – Frolic: A Color Pencil Artwork that celebrates life.

  1. I love it! It makes me think of an older woman who’s reached that time in her life when she’s free from all her responsibilities to others and can now be entirely herself.

    And the mouse is a delight.


    • Let’s try this again and see if all of the words stay correct. Great Job Shafali ! She reminds me a bit of Lucille Ball who could make even the most cynical person laugh out loud. Dewry would love to hug that mouse.

      Liked by 1 person

      • For some reason, I read mixed up words better 🙂 And…”Dewey Dewster, you stay away from that mouse…he’s friends with that porcupine you’ve known at close quarters!”


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