The First Presidential Debate – Hillary Clinton – Donald Trump Face-off!

The first Presidential Debate reminded me of this illustration that I did for the Jan-Feb 2016 issue of the Talk Business & Politics magazine.

Republicans and Democrats vs. the Voter - on occasion of the first presidential debate of the 2016 US elections

About the First Presidential Debate: 9-10:30 EDT on September 26, 2016.

While Donald Trump didn’t lose his cool despite Hillary Clinton’s repeated personal pokes, Hillary Clinton didn’t faint nor cough, as many had expected she would. And yet, neither Clinton’s pasted smile, nor her quick puss-in-the-boots acceptance of guilt upon the question of the deleted emails, appeared credible. On the other hand, Trump could’ve possibly been more people-friendly and less prone to explaining the business logic behind his proposals. His one-liners mightn’t go down well with some voters who would find it curious that declaring bankruptcy or using the laws to save taxes (evasion vs. saving – there’s a difference,) could be sound business logic.

It’ll be interesting to watch these elections and see how America decides. I do hope that the next two debates will be more interesting and bring out the honesty and patriotism of both the candidates. I for one, don’t believe that US should select its President on the basis of their race or gender – they should select a President who is truthful, patriotic, and gutsy, and who believes in building a level-playing field not only for all Americans but for everyone in the world.


One comment on “The First Presidential Debate – Hillary Clinton – Donald Trump Face-off!

  1. Many of us here in the US have been embarrassed by Trump’s abysmal treatment of women, minorities, immigrants, veterans, our President, the handicapped. Although there is much to be done to better our country, we are certainly not what he would have others believe we are. In November, he will be facing the courts on charges of fraud and then in December, he will be dealing with charges of raping a 13 year old girl and threatening to kill her family. Those of us who value decency are mortified that people in other countries think we approve of his behavior. This election cycle has created frightening times for us and the course we will be taking in the future is very much an unsure one.It has been a truly ugly time in our history.


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