Caricature-Cartoon: Mark Zuckerberg pumps Facebook Users’ Data – Is this News?

Cartoon Caricature of Mark Zuckerberg on Data sharing with third parties - Cambridge Analytica

“Mark Zuckerberg Pumps FB Data” – Published in The Suit magazine (now known as Advisors Magazine.)

The Facebook Data scandal is hot these days with FB CEO Mark Zuckerberg being subjected to some intense questioning.

In 2014, an app called “This is Your Digital Life” harvested information from about 87 Million accounts (about 270K downloaders and their friends.) This information gleaned by this app comprised not only birthdays/pages liked etc. but also private messages. Obviously, Facebook users were livid when they learned that their information was being transferred/traded with this company, and so many began to close their FB accounts. (I still have an FB account and FB tell me that it’s safe.)

The data analytics company “Cambridge Analytica” used this information to “manage” elections in different countries, including the US and India.

The above caricature was published in the then Suit Magazine, which is now Advisor’s Magazine. You can view this and more on my portfolio blog.

I had done this caricature of Mark Zuckerberg in 2012, and so the world was already wary of data-sharing by FB (mostly to make money, but sometimes to please the agencies.) Now with the CA Scandal out in the open, its clear that FB not only harvests and stores information of its users, but also allows third party apps to soak it up. All that it tells us that FB is devilishly and unethically smart (what did we expect from a platform that had its genesis in a program that allowed guys to rate girls,) and we, the users, naive and foolish.

Enjoy the cartoon.


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