When The COVID 19 Lockdown Ends and Life Returns to Normal…

When Life Returns to Normal,

This morning, I read an article on life returning to normal in Wuhan. Nothing in those pictures appear normal to me and if this is going to be the new normal, I believe that we as the human race would change forever.

There shall be New Don’ts,

Don’t talk (how will people fall in love? On chats and texts?) don’t move in groups (how would Indians get married?) don’t talk while eating (romantic dinners, business dinners, Christmas dinners – how will we celebrate?)

And New Dos,

The list of don’ts is long but list of dos is longer. Take temperature – go green, orange, red. Get the app – go green, orange, red. Wash your hands. Worry yourself sick and then when you get a fever, go green, orange, red.

And we will Change Fundamentally,

Honestly, we are going to change in a very fundamental way. For instance, inviting people into our houses may remain an anathema for a long time to come. Don’t come – let us talk on Skype of Facetime. We’ll save money and time both. Super!

We will become a Collection of new Attributes

We can’t go out, so we’ll go in, as The Times of India’s Speaking Tree feature so kindly pointed out today. We will become more spiritual (I am not sure if I understand that term,) more “ikulkhure” (a term that my Mom used to use, which broadly means: in love with ourselves and abhor the company of others,) more virtually savvy (check out my return to blogging and fbing,) more unsocial – and all this, brace yourselves, will make us more like Generation Z Isn’t that awesome? We would be the new Benjamin Buttons of the world.

And find a New Tangent of Normalcy!

So you see, when life returns to normal…we’d have forgotten our previous normal and we’d be flying off a new tangent of normalcy.




4 comments on “When The COVID 19 Lockdown Ends and Life Returns to Normal…

  1. Well, as the article indicates, “normal” is going to mean different things in different places. One thing that has struck me is that in many parts of the world “normal” means spending money on stuff. Completely unnecessary stuff. In New Zealand we recently relaxed our lockdown rules to enable some people to go back to work. Takeaway food outlets were also allowed to open, plus cafes and restaurants that could switch to providing takeaways. What happened? Long queues at Macdonalds. I can understand people being tired of their own cooking, but in a country bedevilled by obesity that’s not a smart choice.


    • I never understood takeaways, nor the spending mania. You are right, one of things considered normal is spending more. Over years, the advertisers have cajoled us into feeling good about spending more – and that has now become part of our nature. Perhaps, one of things that shall happen is a new lower “normal” spending level. I guess many new “normals” are going to emerge…fingers crossed.

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