I’m Moving to ShafaliRAnand.ART…

Dear friends,

Thanks so much for being with me on this journey of art. These last years, life happened. The thing about life happening is that it doesn’t just rock your boat, it also changes you. For us, the emotional ones and the artistic types, it also changes they way we draw and paint. Mostly because our emotions become stronger and impatient, and they snatch away our pencils and brushes… They make the romanticist run for cover.

The romanticist who was the caricaturist, is now gone. Now you have me – the phoenix with wings of fire who scorches her canvases with images that appear fully formed in her head, and torture her until she caves in and draws them. You would agree with me that she doesn’t belong here.

If you liked reading my posts and viewing my works in past, I invite you to be part of the second part of my artistic journey at: https://ShafaliRAnand.ART. Please follow my site there. You’ll also find a contact form there…just in case you’d like to send me message.

Once again, thanks so much for being on this journey with me. I hope we’ll remain connected in the future too.

Stay happy and healthy.

  • Shafali


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