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Updated: July 2015

Shafali the Caricaturist
– A
ll about this nut, in a nutshell – 

About the Artist

I am an artist who loves to create caricatures, portraits and cartoons; and a writer who in addition to writing about art, dabbles in satires and parodies. Professionally, I do cover-art and inner-illustrations for magazines, and cover-art for novels and books. Occasionally, I also accept personal commissions.

This blog is where I like to share what I do and what I know. The content of my posts includes (but isn’t limited to): caricatures, cartoons, portraits, parodies, art-tutorials, time-travel stories, and the once-in-a-while philosophical commentary on world affairs. The last type is more of an exception that only exists to prove that the content of this blog is funny, humorous, ticklish, and varied.

While some of my caricatures can be found in my Caricature Gallery here, my art primarily comprises:

1. Caricatures – Color (Digital as well as on Canvas (for special commissions.))
2. Caricatures – Black & White (Digital, Pencil on Paper, and also Pen & Ink Drawings.)
3. Portraits – Color (Digital, Canvas (for special commissions)  of people and pets)
4. Portraits – Pen and Ink (on paper of people and pets)
5. Cartoons – (Digital and Hand-drawn)
6. Interfaces Design, Graphics/Animations – (for iOS Games and Apps)

I am also the author of the book “Evolution of a Caricaturist – How to Draw Caricatures.”  I am currently writing another book called “Evolution of a Cartoonist.”

Here are a few interesting links for you:

  1. Caricature Gallery (for my  caricature-art)
  2. The Evolution of a Caricaturist – A Book on How to Draw Caricatures (Available on Amazon as a Kindle eBook) 

    "Evolution of a Caricaturist - How to Draw Caricatures" available as a Kindle eBook on Amazon.

  3. Pet and People Portraits in Pen and Ink

About the Nut Behind the Artist

She isn’t a hazelnut, or a cashew nut, or even a beautiful brown almond. She’s the nut that keeps the artist hinged and lets her come unhinged when needed. This particular nut begins to draw right after her morning tea, rushes through her household chores at a maddening speed, just so that she can be back to any of her many loves: her Cintiq, her Notes, her Canvases, her drawing-sheets – the list is long and variable. But the love that has remained by her side through the years, never changing, keeping her anchored to reality, is her family.

In those rare moments, when she’s not drawing or writing or being a kitchen-witch,  she loves to read fiction (specifically thrillers, sci-fi, and once in a while drama – Ken Follett and Wilbur Smith are her two favorite authors, though Wilbur Smith is on the verge of falling out of her favors.) She also enjoys watching all sorts of non-sensical movies that make her laugh or wonder.
Every year in September, she’s reborn as a writer. In winters, she writes furiously and has already written 2 Novels, 1 Novella, and a collection of short-stories. These can be found in the bottom-drawer of her desk where they stay safe, guarded by her dog, 24×7. Whether any of these would ever be published remains a matter of speculation for the family. The nut knows that she lacks the time and understands the improbability of getting them published. Quite like any other writer, she knows that writing is the easier part – so she sticks to it, and to drawing 🙂
I guess I am summed up 🙂 Oh, yes…

a few other inconsequential personal-facts to embellish my rather bland profile for you…

  • I am ambidextrous, so when you imagine me drawing you can visualize me working with both hands…simultaneously (yes.) But only when I do absolutely symmetrical drawings, I can really do the two halves together. Pity – caricatures thrive on asymmetry and so there are no drawings that this caricaturist can do at double the speed 😦
  • I can also write in reverse, regardless of the script that I use for writing, with about the same speed. Before you ask me whether I acquired this weird and completely useless ability through many gruelling years of practice, I must mention that I possess a great deal of common sense too, and so I never wasted my time perfecting it.

That was the crazy angle, and it proves that I am indeed an artist.

Q. E. D.

Write to Me 🙂

If you like my drawings and they bring a smile to your face or
If you’d like to commission me for :
° creating caricatures/illustrations for your magazine or book,
° creating graphics/animations, designing the interface of your iOS App or game, or
° writing Art & Culture related articles for your website/portal 
(Please visit my Art Portfolio)

You are welcome to write to me at DrawToSmile |at| gmail |dot| com.

A Tiny Clarification

I’d like to humbly submit that I am Ms. Shafali Anand and not Mr. Shaf Ali.

This clarification is important because every once in a while I receive an email, or see a comment that’s given on the assumption that I am a male. While I understand the two stereotypes (not many women are caricaturists, and Ali is most definitely a Muslim Male Surname,) that lead some to assume that I am a strong and handsome Muslim man  I would like to explain that “Shafali” is a name given to Hindu girls and the name has a deep-rooted feminine meaning in the Hindu Mythology.

Shafali (more commonly spelled as “Shefali”) is the name of a flower that’s offered to Lord Shiva (and hence, the name: Shiv+aali(friend) or Shivali, which now has many different spellings primarily because of our multi-lingual society. Here’s a picture of the flower 🙂

Shafali the Caricaturist

So now I hope that this name will conjure a picture of a sweet albeit cheeky woman wielding a brush loaded with fun and humor, instead of a tall, dark, and handsome man you’d like to address as “bro” or “dude”!

Thanks for visiting,


You can also contact me through this Contact Form here or write to me at DrawToSmile |at| gmail |dot| com.


127 comments on “About

  1. Hi, i was amazed at your work, did some caricatures while my school days, would like to meet u ,if u come to chennai ,keep it up ,regards mathew m.

  2. Your blog is such a perfect blend of wonderful words and caricatures. It really held my attention like very few have. Very glad to have come across your blog. I am, however, a little surprised by the likes that you have garnered on your posts. I really feel they should be at least 50 times that they are at currently.

  3. Darn it! I was all ready to address you as bro or dude but then I read your bio. Oh well, never mind.

    I’m sure I will be about the 300,000th person to tell you this, but your caricatures are wonderfully good. I’d be happy just being able to draw a face that looked like a face and not a root vegetable.

    I did once draw a caricature of Dustin Hoffman that was widely recognized, though. Everybody said it looked just like him and they hadn’t even noticed his name written underneath.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am pleased to stumble upon yours – a discovery that left me amazed and inspired. Keep up the good work. See you around.

    P.S. the about page is interesting enough to leave a comment. That means new visitors like me have to spend a long time in scrolling down the page to write these very words.

  5. OMG! This is amazing! Your caricatures and cartoons are one of the best that I’ve seen! I’ve always been drawn towards art and I like sketching in my free time! Glad I found my way to your blog!

  6. Wow!
    So fabulous About page! How creative you are! I love your digital avatar so much. What tool did you use to create it? Also, I want to know what tools that can help me to create digital cartoons. I love this art and want to learn more about.

    Thanks so much Shafali for your great work. I always love to follow such creative people to inspire me.
    All the best!

  7. Am so glad I found you on Blogging101. Your work is amazing. Honestly I can’t seem to stop looking. Rock on girl!

      • Wow!
        So fabulous About page! How creative you are! I love your digital avatar so much. What tool did you use to create it? Also, I want to know what tools that can help me to create digital cartoons. I love this art and want to learn more about.

        Thanks so much Shafali for your great work. I always love to follow such creative people to inspire me.
        All the best!

  8. Hi Shafali,
    Great work. As an Arkansas caricature artist myself, I was especially entertained by your ‘toons of Arkansas political figures. I’ll be checking out your book as well.

  9. Hey there ! just saw your super cool blog ! and just loved loved loved it , even i am a delhi based artist just wanted to learn caricature making so wanted to know could you help ?

    • Thanks Anmol. Please check out my book at Amazon. You’ll find the link in the sidebar. I also write caricaturing and art tutorials sometimes, and you may find them useful too 🙂

  10. Hi Shafali,

    Got to see Awesome work here… Thanks…..need a favor if you can suggest some institute for caricature classes in Bangalore or can connect me with someone who can help me with caricature classes.

    I Google this a lot but had no success.

    Keenly waiting for some information on this.


    • Vikrant: I’ve never been to Bangalore and have absolutely no idea if there is any Indian Institute that specialize in teaching caricature-drawing. Thanks for visiting 🙂

    • Sorry for disappearing… I’ll visit your blog soon and see all the cool drawings you’ve made 🙂 Had been rather busy…that’s all. Take care and keep drawing.

  11. whoa. i really love cartoons since childhood yet i ignored it when i entered College. i focused on studying alone but then later realized that i missed the thing that i enjoyed the most. few days ago, this thing came back to life and made my mind in chaos: whether i’ll pursue it and invest on it or not. time is a very important factor in everything. ugh. i didn’t enroll on courses related to arts or something. that’s why i’m having problems on prioritizing it. 😐 geez. this what makes me a bit frustrated. so i decided to surf the net about this to help me decide. then i found your blog. 🙂 i lack skills, i lack time, too. but i decided to make time for this even in my vacant time in summer during my On-the-Job training. thank you, Miss Shafali. btw, i’m a computer eng’g student here in the Philippines. any suggestions or words from you? it’s a great pleasure to visit your site. still a newbie here 🙂 God bless you! 🙂

  12. oh…. That the story about a Plagiarist.

    as a request,
    i wn’t to draw your caricature.
    Please, Don’t say no!!!!!
    send your close up pic on my mail Id – **************

    Im waing for Reply……

    Sudhir Pagare

    • Thank you for your kind offer, Sudhir. I am flattered that you’d want to do my caricature. I however feel that I am not that deserving yet. There might come a day in my life when I think that I’ve done enough in my field to deserve the honor of another artist creating a portrait or a caricature of me. Once again, thank you so much for thinking about doing one of me.

  13. totally in awe with your work… awesomeness defined.. wow Shafali.. it turned out to be a pleasure for me to stumble upon your work.. am in love with your work, words and caricatures… God bless!

  14. hi bro ,
    This is saikrishnan..Am a student from University of kent doing Msc VFX ..Am planning to work o AR Rahman in 3d with ur work as reference i need your permission so that i can go ahead and start 3d model.

    • Hiya bro, sis here 🙂
      While I am not keen on a gender-change in this life, I won’t mind being a man in the next. For your cuteness, I do permit you through this reply of mine, to go ahead and use AR Rahman’s caricature for your 3D model. Do send a snapshot of whatever you create, and don’t send your friends over to ask for any other caricature. Permission not granted to them in advance. Best of luck for your course and future.

    • Thanks Angel. I am sure that my visitors will benefit from this information. I don’t have any art training and I haven’t read any How-to-draw book so I often find myself stuck when I am asked to recommend a how-to-draw book. I checked out your website (I believe I did mention it one of my earlier posts, but I am the epitome of absent-mindedness so couldn’t be sure. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  15. Hi Shafali.. i started taking interest* in caricatures…loved ur work … could you please guide me…i want to take this professionally. Need ebooks to practice..please list down few. You can check out my work in my fb profile. Vaishali

  16. Hi Shafali..

    i started taking interesting caricatures…loved ur work …
    could you please guide me…i want to take this professionally.
    Need ebooks to practice..please list down few.

    You can check out my work in my fb profile.


    • Thanks, Vaishali. I’ve no idea of ebooks/books because I haven’t ever read any. I am sure you could find some by researching. My book Evolution of a Caricaturist should become available in about six months time, but I won’t recommend that you wait for it 🙂

  17. Well said. Its a real challenge to think beyond popular opinions held by the so called “main stream” and work through those ideas to their conclusions. Its even harder identify underlying presupposition that color our thought process. Its easy to be a knee-jerk reactor when so many of our peers go for the cheap laugh. Great work BTW.

    • Yes. It’s a lot easier to caricature a person without context, but when you want to tell an existing story from a new perspective through your caricature, the process becomes really complex. Thanks for the compliment. I visited your website. Just loved the clowns:)

  18. Hello Shafali, its not often I find a fellow caricature artist that also holds conservative values. Usually our kind gravitates toward the low lying fruit of bashing conservatives. Its good not to be the only one. Cheers.

    • I think there’s a reason for it. Artists don’t usually bother themselves with deductive reasoning, which would naturally result in their becoming more conservative in their approach. This is why artists of “our kind” don’t end up freaky stuff, which results in our not fitting the stereotype…which isn’t a good thing 🙂

  19. HI shafali. I again visited your blog and I find it very inpirational. You are an amazing artist. I like all your caricatures and I want to interact with you but didnot got your mail id. So I am leaving mine. If you like please reply me on

  20. Hi Shafali,

    We were thinking about you — and Oorvi, of course — and wondering how you’re doing. From this site, it looks as though there’s a lot going on — all good, I hope!

    Wirey woofs from the Barkalots!



  21. hi Shafali

    This is Gayatree from Ahmedabad,Gujarat.First of all Thank you for creating this Blog and just awesome Cartoons,basically you are my inspiration,i m reading all your updates and see your awesome work daily ,really i appretiative u ,u’ve done good job,i m working as a cartoonist in small company so u r my best inspiration and i m very happy that i got lot of ideas from your work and your blog,i m really very very thankful to you that u gave us lot of inspiration to do nice eork and good ideas.please if possible give me reply.and keep in tuch,stay tuned with other more creative work and give more ideas.Miss u

    Thank you


    • Thanks for the comment, Gayatri. I am glad that you find my tutorials helpful. I wish you the best for your future. Don’t worry about where you are working right now; set your heart on reaching where you dream to be, and one day you’ll be there:)
      – Shafali.

  22. I liked your work Shafali, it’s just amazing. I’m planning to draw few cartoons (although I’m not too good with cartoons). Your interactive art tutorial looks interesting…thanks!

    • Hi Suman,
      Thank you for visiting. I am glad you like cartooning. It’s an art-form that’s delightful in its simplicity and engaging when interpreted. Best Wishes,

  23. Amazing versatility this blog stands to offer. Fantastic caricatures and the writing too.Never knew an Indian artist who could package both of this so well….kudos. Am following….a self learning quill in this field

    • Thank you Ravi. “Self-learning quill” could belong in a fantastical master-piece that could beat Harry potter. I admire the wordsmiths of the world. Welcome here and do return.

    • Hi AK, welcome here 🙂 and thanks for commenting. I am glad you like my drawings. One often draws to enjoy the process – and not every drawing may turn out great – but that shouldn’t stop us from drawing – should it ? 🙂

  24. Hi Shafali,

    Really very nice work. You know how to get most out of pencils. Very impressive. Seeing your name and bollywood creations, I assume you are from India. I too draw little bit of caricatures. You can see my site.


  25. Hi Shafali,
    I am amazed by the range and quality of your caricatures. Just wondering if you would be interested to do some caricatures, paid of course, for my forthcoming project ( I am in the publishing industry and so is my wife). Do put a mail to me at coherentbusiness@vsnl.net Great work here!

  26. And one more thing, write something more about you, people have curiosity to know about this fabulous artist. Its ok that you don’t want to share your identity, but you can write other things that can define you. Right. Rest is on you.Go ahead.

  27. HI Shafali,
    Got on your site while searching for caricatures on goolge, and how simply you have written the 11 chapters. I had forgot how to draw but looking at your sketching my hands have started itching to draw something after about 21 years
    and thanks for the inspiration. I have sent you an invitation through google chat hope you accept it. Would definitely like to be in touch with you.

    Thank You,

    • Hi Madhusudan,

      Welcome here and thank you for commenting. I don’t use Google chat or other chat mechanisms – but feel free to comment here:) I hope you find the book useful in helping you re-establish your relationship with cartoons and caricatures.

      Warm Regards,

    • Hi Garrett Ross,
      Welcome here…about your query:
      A. I am not a man, which is easy to discover especially if you look at my caricature.
      B. I guess if you become a celebrity who catches my eye, I’d be happy to draw you. Do let me know when the day arrives.
      Thanks for visiting:)
      Warm Regards,

  28. hi


    this side

    head of in ur work please

    guide me

    if u give me response. i really enjoy and do it this art in new height …

    and r u indian and which city .


    response me

    by goodnight.


  29. I came here through Ajay’s blog and i was like .. OMG !! the header is amazing .. . I always wanted to draw people’s faces .. and it had always interested me . this is really heaven .. 🙂 ..
    btw Morgan freeman’s is the best 🙂 ..

    • Hi Arvind,
      Welcome here:) I am glad you like Morgan Freeman’s caricatures – He is among my favorites too. Do you blog your drawings? I’ll stop over at yours too:)

      • I do blog . 🙂 but i dont draw 😛 .. although portraites and caricatures have always facinated me , i have not tried myself … i know i wont be good at it .. i am sure it takes years oif practice .. so i just enjoy seeing them 🙂 …

    • Thank you for dropping in, Dilontherocks! I am glad you found your way through the web-wilderness to my humble art-abode. Also thanks for the pat on the back:) I appreciate it and wish you the best.
      Warm Regards,

  30. We’re a very small company that is just starting out (my husband and I wear all the hats and there’s lots of ’em). We have a brand new website called tshirtsfortheconstitution.com. Our primary customers are traditionalists such as Tea Party members and conservatives. We will be looking for drawings of polar bears, penguins, squirrels, etc. as well as caricatures of historical figures like George Washington, etc as well as present day figures like Obama to put on our t-shirts. In the short run we will need a few here and a few there. In the long run we’ll need lots and lots. We have thousands of t-shirts on the drawing board, but because we are small we have to start from where we’re at and build it. We are launching an ad campaign by the end of June which should get us a great deal of recognition over a wide area. Please let us know what other information you would need to give us prices, as well as how long the turn-around time would be for each piece. We want to buy these pieces outright so that Tshirts for the Constitution owns them and therefore can sell the t-shirts with the drawings on them. Look forward to hearing from you.

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