Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas with the Colorful Artworks of “Bigsaw Xmas”

My Dear Visitors,

Let me share with you my favorite Art Assignment ever 🙂

It’s Bigsaw Xmas! It’s got Santa, Santa’s elves, Snowman, Snowmom, Reindeers (Rudolph too,) Snow, Pets, Holly, Mistletoe, and everything else that just builds the festive mood.

If you like picture-puzzles don’t think twice – just go to the App Store, find Bigsaw Xmas and download it into your iPad…and the biggest news ever? You don’t have to pay to play…rather you can play to pay and open all the puzzles in the game!

BIGSAW is perhaps one of the most exciting picture puzzle ever – and if you haven’t already discovered it, here’s the link for you to download it FREE for your iPad on the Apple App Store.

Bigsaw Xmas - Go Beyond Jigsaw - Icon.

FREE Download


Bigsaw Xmas - This Christmas Go Beyond Jigsaw and Experience a new Addicting Gameplay in a Picture-Puzzle!

Here’s a Screenshot from my iPad…

Bigsaw Xmas - Screenshot - Snowmom and Snowson - A New Kind of Jigsaw for Picture Puzzle Lovers

I’d like to thank everyone who motivated me to create these illustrations. I think they are some of my favorite artworks. Oh, and if you liked these, you can find more colorful illustrations for kids in Bigsaw Classic and Bigsaw Designer.

Bigsaw Classic - Go Beyond Jigsaw - Free Download for iPad on the App Store.

Bigsaw Classic – Download Free on your iPad – Play and Open all Pictures!

Icon Bigsaw Designer - Go Beyond Jigsaw - A Picture Puzzle Creator App.

Bigsaw Designer – Create and Manage up to 100 Bigsaw Albums with up to 10,000 custom picture puzzles!

While Bigsaw Classic offers you 64 picture-puzzles that you can open by playing and earning Bigsaw Coins, Bigsaw Designer doesn’t just offer 100 pictures in 10 Bigsaw Albums (one of them is for kids and another comprises caricatures) it gives you awe-inspiring ability to create and manage 100 custom albums that can contain 10,000 images of your own!

If you are a Photographer, I heartily recommend Bigsaw Designer to you. Make your photographs/artworks interactive and play with them.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!


Love Picture Puzzles? Own an iPad? Check out Bigsaw and go Beyond Jigsaw!

Updated – Nov 7, 2013

Bigsaw  Star Rating on the US App Store!

Bigsaw  wins American hearts and garners a 4.5 star rating on the US App Store in first five days!

Download Bigsaw on the App Store here.
Ratings and Reviews are visible only on the US App Store.)

(If you live in another country, like picture-puzzles, and have access to an iPad – download Bigsaw FREE, experience it, and please leave a rating and/or a review 🙂 Experience a new kind of Jigsaw puzzle.)


If you love picture-puzzles and if you own an iPad, here’s a Picture-Puzzle App that doesn’t just have pictures for you to play with, it also allows you to store up to 10,000 custom picture-puzzles in 100 custom-albums that you can create and manage – thus, becoming your forever picture-puzzle maker!

The download is FREE, so why don’t you check it out yourself:


For ease of recall, here’s the icon:

Icon Bigsaw Designer - Go Beyond Jigsaw - A Picture Puzzle Creator App.

Bigsaw Designer – Go Beyond Jigsaw

What’s in here?

  • An Innovative tap-based gameplay for a Picture-puzzle that adds that extra-thrill in picture-building.
  • 10 Bigsaw Albums with 10 pictures each = Total 100 pictures of which there are 20 FREE pictures for you to play with. (Note that the pictures in the Caricatures album are by this caricaturist…so if you like my caricatures – find 10 of them in Bigsaw Designer :-))
  • The ability to create, name, password-protect, and manage your own albums.
  • The ability to import any picture (sources: camera, Internet, email) into the App and save it into a custom album to play with later! Stash’em away!
  • 10,000 picture-puzzles would mean that you could save 3 pictures every day for a whole year, and then when you got bored with a picture or an entire album, you could delete the picture/album and get more new pictures!

Now I leave you with the download link  – check it out to see if it really is the coolest picture-puzzle app out there.

There’s also a Facebook page for the puzzle. You can visit it here.

Here’s the screenshot of a puzzle from my own Hillary Clinton caricature …half-way through.

Bigsaw Designer Picture Puzzle Screenshot with Hillary Clinton's Caricature.

Bigsaw Designer Picture Puzzle Screenshot with Hillary Clinton’s Caricature.

Game Features?! Check this out.

Bigsaw Design - Go Beyond Jigsaw - Game Features

Click to View Details.

Wish you a very Happy Diwali 🙂

Abraham Lincoln’s Color Caricature – This should brighten everyone’s day!

I’ve returned from Qo’noS, 2375. I believe the members of Martok’s family were reasonably satisfied with my work, which is usually more than what a caricaturist can expect.

It must’ve been late at night when my pod entered the iOS7-iPhone 5C-charged atmosphere of earth. If you know me, you know that I hate the new buttons and I hate the fact that Steve Jobs told Tim Cook that he should run Apple the way Tim wanted to run it and not the way Steve would’ve run it. I think that made Tim Cook guilt-free. I mean who puts a hardware designer on UI design?!!! Only Tim Cook.

In the next few days, I expect people to start hating the new buttons more vociferously on the social media, and then Jobs will appear in Cook’s dream telling him to get the glossies back.

When I got out of the pod, I stepped on a piece of virtual paper that had colored circles on it. Curiosity made me pick it up (yeah, don’t start thinking that I go around picking stuff up from the ground.) It was Apple’s invitation. Drat. I had missed it, and the pod had disappeared – so I could only time-travel to the conference if I cranked up my clunky tin-box, which works on the invalid principle of going faster than light; and I wasn’t going to do that. The prospects of traveling in it repelled me, especially after having experienced the awesome Klingon time-pod!

Cutting a long story short, I must tell you that the launch of iPhone 5C in those drool-worthy candy-colors reminded me of my color caricatures that I had painted before time-and-space-hopping to Klingon.

Here’s Abraham Lincoln’s Caricature for you. This is based on the black-and-white illustration of Lincoln that I did a few years ago.

Color Caricature - American President Abraham Lincoln - Digital Painting - Shafali

Actual Size at 300 dpi: 12 inches by 12 inches (the above image is cropped on the sides.)


Here’s the black and white illustration once again 🙂

Caricature/Sketch of Abraham Lincoln the 16th President of the US who led America through the Civil War of 1861-65, and ended Slavery.

What is he thinking?


I’ll return with an important post for Moms and Dads, so if you’ve a young child at home and you are wondering whether he or she’s possessed by the gremlins of art, I’ll give you some pointers to help you in your quest.



Pencil Knight can now be downloaded Free on the App Store – Download, Tilt, Balance, and Challenge!

A short quick announcement 🙂 You can now download Pencil Knight from the App Store. It’s Free to download and offers five cool new pencils as an in-App Purchase.

Click the following icon of Pencil Knight to download it from the App Store. 

Download Pencil Knight Free on the App Store - A Tilt and Play Game of Balancing Pencils on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

Click/Tap to download Pencil Knight into your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, from the App Store.


Tip for making fabulous scores in Pencil Knight:

Don’t let the pencil fall and swing it a lot!

That’s all…now click or tap, and start tilting 🙂


Pencil Knight Reveals his identity :: More on this Cool Tilt-and-Play Game of Balancing Pencils.


Thanks for voting.

Of the total 9 votes, 6 were cast in favor of option D “Balancing a pencil on his finger tip.” (I wonder how they knew.) I don’t know if you can hear me, but right now I am clapping for these 6 voters. They got it right 🙂

Pencil Knight Arriving on the App Store on April 20, 2013

Available on the App Store now. Click/Tap to download it Free from the App Store.

Here’s the full image – the opening screen shot of the game in an iPhone, and we can see that he’s indeed balancing a pencil!

(Pencil Knight is a universal iOS Game, which means that once you’ve got it for any of your devices, you’ll be able to restore it to your other iOS devices too.)

Pencil Knight - The iPad, iPhone tilting game of balancing pencils on your finger tip - opening screen on the iPhone.

Concentration, focus, a steady hand and some practice…will make you the Pencil Knight.

Pencil Knight can be downloaded Free and you can play with the Yellow Pencil forever and ever, on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch; and when you are done playing with the Yellow Pencil, you can unlock 5 new pencils for 5 mint-fresh balancing experiences.

Here’s why you are going to play this game with everyone you know…

Simple, intuitive Game-play!

1. Just hold your device flat and then tilt it left and right to balance the pencils.
2. Swing the pencils more to accumulate bonus points.

Traits required and honed!

∙Quick Responses
∙Excellent Eye-hand coordination
∙Strong Concentration and Unwavering Focus

Features of the Game:

∙Uses accelerometer to simulate the feel of balancing a pencil on your finger.
∙All the six pencils have their own leaderboards to help you compete on level ground with others.
∙You can challenge your Friends by emailing them your balancing-times and highscores.
∙And…you can unlock 5 New Pencils. Each new pencil is superbly crafted and smartly engineered for a new exciting balancing experience.

Some screenshots of Pencil Knight from the iPad:

Pencil Knight Screenshots - Plain Yellow

And here’s one of the Five New Pencils…the Floral white…she’s mercurial like me…difficult to manage 🙂

Pencil Knight - Game Screenshot - Floral White Pencil

You can look at more screenshots here, and download Pencil Knight Free from the App Store here 🙂

It will be in the App Store tomorrow…check it out 🙂