Short Satires


The Oglers have arrived.

Download “Oglers Inc. – The 6 Stages of Ogling” on SmashWords!

Oglers Inc. - Caricatures of Six kinds of Oglers by Shafali.

Click to Download in a format of your choice.

And Goodreaders, bring out those boxing gloves and get ready to bash me up!

Dear Visitors, I’ve gone loopy – the Smashwords way. If you want to lose your senses and join me in my quest of caricaturing the world, you must read my verbal caricatures – especially as I haven’t had the good sense to add a price-tag to them when I published them on Smashwords 🙂

If you enjoy them, do return to My Smashwords Page for more. You are also welcome to write to me at: DrawToSmile [at where else but] gmail [you know what] com.

The 4 Types of Artists - A Verbal Caricature eBook by Shafali the Caricaturist

Click to download in a format of your choice.

The 5Ps of Creativity a Verbal Caricature eBook by Shafali the Caricaturist.

Click to download in a format of your choice.


10 comments on “Short Satires

    • Thanks Saad. If you need permission for reproducing a specific caricature for a specific non-commercial purpose, please send the request to my email id. Please state the purpose clearly and identify the caricature that you’d want to use. If the request is transparent, I usually give permission for non-profit educational use especially to Teachers and Professors. If the use is commercial/or if you want to use more than one caricature, you must license them. I hope this helps.


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