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Caricature Portrait of Asa Hutchinson, the Governor of Arkansas, riding an elephant and pulling the state capitol building in a lasso - Inner Illustration for Talk Business and Politics Magazine.

Arkansas Governor Asa Huchinson’s 82 Days at the Capitol

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Color Caricatures

B & W Caricatures

Cartoons |  Pen and Ink Drawings |  Color Pencils |  Polymer Clay Caricatures

| Color Caricatures – (Digital/Traditional Painting) |

Political and Business Magazines

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Caricature Composition of Mike Huckabee, Hillary Clinton, and Uncle Sam in a boat - Inner Illustration for Talk business and Politics Magazine. Caricature of US Presidential Election candidate and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Caricature composition of Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson riding an elephant - Inner Full-Page Illustration done for Talk business and Politics Magazine.
President Bill Clinton - Cover Art and Two Page Spread. - Illustration done for Talk Business and Politics Magazine. Hillary Clinton preps up for the 2014 Presidential Elections. Caricature: Jimmy Fallon - Host of The Tonight Show
Cartoon portrait of Narendra Modi - The Prime Minister of India. Caricature of Tennis Legend Serena Williams' Caricature with a Cup and Racket. A Caricature Composition of Mike Ross - Asa Hutchinson Joust for Governor Elections 2014 Arkansas. Illustration for Interior Spread for Talk Business and Politics Magazine
Caricature composition - Magazine Cover Art of US Presidents - Kennedy, Reagan, and Coolidge. Illustration done for The American Spectator Magazine. Caricature of Malcolm Gladwell Author of the books - Outliers. Tipping Point - New York Best Seller Caricature Composition - Magazine Cover of Mark Pryor and Tom Cotton in a Boxing match - Elections 2014. Illustration for Talk Business and Politics Magazine.
Caricature - Selena Gomez Caricature for a Poster Collection. Digitally Painted. Caricature of Anthony Weiner. Color Caricature of Angela Merkel - The Chancellor of Germany.
Obama Healthcare Website - Inner half-page illustration for The American Spectator Magazine. Caricature of US President Barack Obama Crowns himself - Cover Illustration done for American Spectator Magazine Portrait Caricature of US President Abraham Lincoln.
Caricatures of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity - Photograph of the inner illustration for the American Spectator. Color Caricature of Tom Hanks. Portrait of Hollywood Celebrity and Actor Brad Pitt - Poster-size
Caricature or Charlie Chaplin as the tramp. Close-up of the face of Hillary Clinton as she preps up for the 2016 Presidential Elections. A digital painting. The American Spectator Magazine. Cover Art - Three American Presidents - Kennedy, Coolidge, and Reagan.
Caricature– Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean. Caricature - Keith Richards - The Rockstars - Inner Illustration for the American Spectator Magazine. Caricature of the Roman General Julius Caesar with his Laurel Wreath.
Caricature/Cartoon Shea Labeouf. Caricature/Cartoon – Peter Criss of the Kiss group - The Rockstars - Illustrated for the American Spectator. Caricature - Narendra Modi - Prime Minister of India.
Caricature of First US President George Washington who fought for America's Independence. Caricature of Charile Chaplin as Tramp - a painting Caricature – American family of the 50s. Magazine Cover Art. Illustrated for the American Spectator Magazine
Barack Obama crowns himself King. Cover art for the American Spectator Magazine. Caricature of Gul Panag of the Aam Admit Party - Illustrated for an Android Game by Gurpeet Kang. Caricature – Sammy Hagar - Inner Illustrations of Rockstars for The American Spectator Magazine.
Caricature of Tom Cruise with his alien wife. Elizabeth Warren's Caricature - Cover Illustration for the American Spectator July August 2014. Caricatures of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity - Inner Illustration for the American Spectator Magazine.
A Composition: The American family of the 50s. Cover Illustration for the American Spectator Magazine. Caricature Composition Illustration: Three Presidents - Kennedy, Reagan, and Coolidge - Cover Art for The American Spectator Magazine. Political Caricature - President Obama crowning himself. cover art and inner illustration for the American Spectator Magazine.

Caricature of Justin Bieber. Caricature Cartoon of Jeff Bezos a business tycoon and CEO of Amazon. Caricature of Gandalf the Grey from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy- Painted digitally.


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Cover Art for Novel - Galaxy Police of Star Mind series by Author Barbara G. Tarn Book Cover Art - Rajveer The Vampire a Novel by Barbara G. Tarn. Book Cover Art - Ciaran and Harith -Body Switches Novels by B G Hope aka Barbara G. Tarn

Book Cover Art - Johnny and Marian -Body Switches Novel Series by B G Hope aka Barbara G. Tarn Book Cover Art -Pats and Babs -Body Switches Novel Series by B G Hope aka Barbara G. Tarn Children's Book - Aunt Rosie's fables - the first dozen - Cover and Inner Illustrations

Games & Apps

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(I’ve done the Interface-design, Graphics, and Animations for the following iPhone & iPad Games and Apps. The following icons will take you to the game’s/app’s page on the App Store where you can view the screenshots.)

 Hypnotoy - The Toy of Joy - A beautiful relaxation app with music and dancing experiences - for iPhone and iPad (Game Graphics, Interface Design, and Animations)


My Love my Valentine - An arcade game of love and rivalry - for iPad. (Game Graphics, Interface Design, and Animations)


Bigsaw Designer - A Picture Puzzle Creator App for iOS My Love my Valentine - An arcade game of love and rivalry - for iPad. (Game Graphics, Interface Design, and Animations)

Bigsaw Designer

Bigsaw Xmas -- A Picture Puzzle Game for Christmas and New Year Season (Game Graphics, Interface Design, and Animations)

Bigsaw Xmas

Bigsaw Toons - A Picture Puzzle Game for Children (Game Graphics, Interface Design, and Animations)

Bigsaw Toons

Bigsaw Love - A Picture Puzzle Game for iPad on Valentine Day theme. (Game Graphics, Interface Design, and Animations)

Bigsaw Love

Bigsaw Classic - A Picture Puzzle Game for iPad - (Game Graphics, Interface Design, and Animations)

Bigsaw Classic

Toonsie Roll - A Caricaturing App for everyone - for iPhone and iPad - (App Graphics, Interface Design, and Animations)

Toonsie Roll

Pencil Knight - An accelerator-based game of balancing pencils for iPhone and iPad (Game Graphics, Interface Design, and Animations)

Pencil Knight

Triangle Tap - A unique tap-based puzzle involving shapes - An iOS game for iPad (Game Graphics, Interface Design, and Animations)

Triangle Tap



| Black & White Caricatures – (Graphite) |

Celebrities (Political, Business, Hollywood)

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Caricature of Jeb Bush, US Presidential Elections 2016. Caricature of Jay Leno and his chin - Comedian, Host of Tonight Show on NBC. Caricature Cartoon barack obama with the debt burden.
Caricature Mark Zuckerberg Founder Facebook - Humor on Sharing Information with Corporates. Caricature Angela Merkel Chancellor Germany Eurozone Crisis. Caricature of Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister in Game of the Thrones.
Caricature Cartoon President Barack Obama with the Obamacare shield. Caricature Ahmadenejad Mahmoud President of Iran. Caricature Leonardo di Caprio - Hollywood Actor.
Caricature of Mitt Romney elections 2012. Caricature of US President Barack Obama - a democrat on donkey oblivious of the prevailing social & economic problems. Caricature Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai.
Caricature of Muammar Gaddafi - the dictator of libya who was overthrown by people and killed. Caricature Cartoon Nicolas Sarkozi and the Eurozone.

Caricature of Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal the Cannibal in Silence of the Lambs. Icon Caricature of Robert De Niro Hollywood Actor. Caricature of Keira Knightley Hollywood Actor. Caricature of Robin Williams Patch Adams Hollywood Actor. Caricature of Bette Midler as Winnie Sanderson in Hocus Pocus.
Caricature of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullens in Twilight. Sachin Tendulkar - The Cricket Legend from India - World's Greatest Batsman. Caricature of Hollywood actor Liam Neeson Caricature Michelle Obama – The First Lady of the US The dictator who refuses to step down as the Head of Libya - A Caricature of Muammar Gaddafi
Caricature of Russell Crowe the Gladiator. Caricature- Bollywood Actor Legend Amitabh Bachchan. The "bat"ty Singer Ozzy Osbourne - Caricature. Caricature of Brad Pitt as Achilles in Troy Caricature of Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon.
Caricature of Oprah Winfrey - The Powerpack Girl. Caricature of The Original Beatle - John Lennon. Caricature of Morgan Freeman as Detective Alex Cross. Caricature of Queen Elizabeth II of England. Caricature of Surrealist artist Salvador Dali.
Caricature of Charlie Sheen wins all the way! Caricature of Julia Robert with her Million Dollar Smile. Caricature of Nicole Kidman & the Noses. Caricature of Jack Nicholson with his Avian Employees. Caricature of Pamela Anderson and the Stolen Fishbowls.
Caricature of Bruce Willis as the Unbreakable. Caricature of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow with the Enterprising Mice. Caricature of Barack Obama – The US President. Caricature of Sandra Bullock after her Oscar and the Razzies. Caricature of Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft, the Tomb Raider.
Caricature of The Gorgeous George Clooney and the Squabbling Aliens. Caricature of Halle Berry, the Nest, and the Birds. Caricature of Tiger Woods, his women, and the Devil. Caricature of Lady Gaga and her crazy hairstyles! Caricature of British Prime Minister David Cameron.
Caricature of Mr. Bean or Rowan Atkinson - British Comedian. Caricature of Hollywood Actor Brendan Fraser of the George of the Jungle fame. Caricature of Hollywood Actor Edward Norton. Caricature of Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers - NFL. Caricature of Keanu Reeves - Hollywood actor who acted in The Martix movies.
Caricature of Mariah Carey, the hip-hop singer. Caricature of Alaska's Former Governor known for more than just politics. Caricature of Sarah Jessica Parker - Sex and the City. Caricature of The British Royal Couple's Caricature - Prince William and Pretty Kate. The Vampire who killed people by making them laugh - A Caricature of Leslie Nielson.

Caricature of A. R.. Rahman -The Music Composer from India who won an Oscar. Caricature of Carla Bruni's Husband and the French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Historical & Fictional Characters

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Caricature portrait of John f kennedy - President of United States. Caricature of Nelson Mandela the South African Leader who fought against Apartheid. Caricature of the American Writer Mark Twain. Caricature of Sigmund Freud, the Psychologist Scientist who discovered the Oedipus Complex. Caricature of Stalin the Russian Dictator.
Caricature of Alexander the Great. Caricature of Galileo Galilei Scientist, Astronomer and the inventor of the telescope. Persecuted by the Church. Caricature of Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie's Egg-shaped head belgian detective. Caricature of the Dead Terrorist - Osama bin Laden Caricature of the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.
A Surreal Caricature of the Surrealist Salvador Dali. Caricature of Charlie Chaplin as the Tramp. Caricature of Cleopatra VII – Was she beautiful? Caricature of Abraham Lincoln – the 16th President of the US. Caricature of Shakespeare wishes from his office in Heaven.
Caricature of Leonardo Da Vinci wonders about the futility of his self-portrait. Caricature of Albert Einstein - The greatest scientist of the Twentieth Century - Gave the theory of relativity. Caricature of Mahatma Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchand, Ben Kingsley in the movie Gandhi - Father of the Nation - India. Caricature of Adolf Hitler, Nazi Dictator, German Dicator, Perpetrator of the Holocaust - Satan! Caricature of Scientist Isaac Newton, Apple, and The laws of gravitation.
Caricature of Hercule Poirot - the Little Belgian Detective created by Agatha Christie. Caricature of Detective Sherlock Holmes created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Caricature of Julius Caesar and his Laurel Wreath. Caricature of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. Caricature of the young Harry Potter. the young Harry Potter.

Caricature of The Handsome Navi Avatar Caricature of Mozart the Musician.

Some Indian Celebrities (Bollywood etc.)

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Caricature of Bollywood Actor Legend Amitabh Bachchan. Caricature of Aamir Khan, the Bollywood actor, director, and producer - of 3 Idiots, Lagaan, Taare Zameen Per, and Peepli Live fame. Caricature of Sachin Tendulkar - The Cricket Icon. Caricature of Bollywood hero actor Shahrukh Khan. Caricature of the Great Indian Cartoonist and Caricaturist.

Caricature of A R Rahman Oscar Winning Musician. Caricature of Bollywood Actress Kareena Kapoor (Bebo) Caricatur of Arvind Kejriwal - Founder Aam Aadmi Party (APP) and Chief Minister of Delhi. Caricature of famous Indian cartoonist Mario Miranda.

You, Me, and Others

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The Neanderthals meet the Modern Man. The Mafia and the Mouse. The Drunken Man and the Dancing Glass. A man cheats an unsuspecting mouse in a game of cards. The trumpet blower puts an innocent mouse in a dilemma.
Hah! He smirks at the caricaturist’s audacity. The dirty old man, lecher, ogler, sicko, psycho, pervert! A man in jail, holding the bars, wondering if it was really worth it. A thief, a murderer, an innocent man held for a crime he didn't do. A woman with a spade. A killer, A murderess, A woman jilted in love? Man, Woman, and Wineglass

Evil woman - Godmother. Caricature cartoon poster of a tramp (beggar) happiness is a state of mind.

| Cartoons |

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Cartoon of Angela Merkel and Hollande trying to tame the Eurozone dragon. Cartoon of Adam and Eve with an iPad. Cartoon of US Presidential Elections 2016 Republican Candidate Jeb Bush.
Cartoon of US Presidential Elections 2016 Republican Candidate Marco Rubio. Toony Prezels cartoons - Shrew vs. Shrewd - Cheating Husband, Nagging Wife. Toony Prezels cartoons - Practice makes Perfect - Surgery and Nurse.

Toony Prezels cartoons - Loneliness. Toony Prezels cartoons - Gay Marriages, LGBT Parenting. Toony Prezels cartoons - Steel.

| Pen and Ink Drawings (People and Pets) |

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Caricature cartoon in Pen and Ink of US Secretary of State John Kerry - democrats vs republicans Pen and Ink Caricature of Pope Francis jorge george bergoglio first non european liberal jesuit pope. Pen and Ink caricature illustration of Isaac Newton who discovered gravity (falling apple).
Pen & Ink Caricature Drawing of Christine Lagarde Head IMF - International Monetary Fund. Pen and Ink Drawing of Mahatama Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi bapu with charkha and reading. Pen and Ink Portrait of Anna Hazare famous indian activist fighting for lokpal movement and corruption Pen and ink drawing.

Pen and Ink Pet Illustration of a cute wirefox terrier Dog Dewey Dewester. Pen & Ink Drawing of Delhi Girl Texting in Metro. Pen & Ink Illustration of a Killer / Assassin / Murderer,

| Color Pencils |

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Caricature/Cartoon of a funny man - A Color Pencil Portrait Illustration. Portrait in Color Pencils - A beautiful witch with hypnotic eyes. Color Pencil Drawing of an Oracle.

A color pencil sketch of Bipasha Basu, the famous bollywood actress, in my diary. Caricature/Cartoon – the captive - done in color pencils. Caricature of Rihanna Singer in Color Pencils.

| Polymer Clay Caricatures |

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A man with mustaches and beard - A Caricature in Polymer Clay. An Egyptian Harlot - A Caricature Sculpture in Polymer Clay. A Clay Caricature of the Devil - A Caricature Sculpture in Polymer Clay.


Thanks 🙂


Watch The Slide-show of my caricatures here.

My heartfelt thanks to Nancy Johanson for creating this beautiful slide-show:)



57 comments on “◄:::: A R T   G A L L E R Y ::::►

  1. Mam..
    Your works are really Osm …i m also interested in making caricature….bt need some guidance …..can u Give me some tips …
    Sumit Pramanik


    • Thanks. However, I’m a zillion miles away from greatness. I’d recommend that you put your heart and soul in drawing, sketch whenever you can, and never give up. I think artists aren’t made of flesh and blood, they are made of patience and imagination 🙂 Wish you the best.




    • Thanks Oluwatoyin. Blogging101 is cool, isn’t it? Connecting us across borders with connections criss-crossing the globe. Have you checked out Toonsie Roll? It’s for iOS devices so if you have one, you can just head to the App Store and download it 🙂 I don’t have an android device so, can’t recommend one for it.


  3. Hi, Shafali. I am ever fascinated by your caricatures and artistic creations. Your pictures each one tell a full story about the person behind the image. You are so much talented in this art. I need to visit your blog again and again to enjoy the bliss of this great talent. My blessings to you.


    • Thanks so much for your blessings and your kind words, Mr. Venkatchari. I work hard to create those expressions and make the faces exhibit emotions. Artists are lifelong learners and so am I, but with your blessings I hope to become better at what I do.




  5. Namaste Madam,

    The time I saw the caricature of Amir Khan, it was like….GOD WHAT IS THIS….this is amazing. Got inspired from your work and started drawing something which I would like to share with you. My email address is – (edited.)
    Kindly reply.




    • Hi Anand,
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am glad that my work inspired you. I’d love to see your work. I’ve edited your email id so that it doesn’t get spammed. When you upload it somewhere – WordPress, for instance, do send/leave a link.
      Best Wishes,


    • Thanks for your kind words Swetha. I don’t really think it’s a magical wand – looks and feels quite like a left hand to me – There are many others who do possess magical wands though 🙂


  6. damn u r too gud i m already ur fan……….. i m not an artist but i like paintings. update ur event & activities if possible i definitely join u.


    • Thanks Abhijeet – I hope you aren’t damning me for being good…but then my interpretations are always the caricaturist’s. Events and Activities?! I guess I still am not a true netizen – but one day I promise to learn it all. If only I were the David of Artificial Intelligence, it’d be really possible 🙂


  7. really Shafali ur one of the best caricaturists……..i think i have become fan of yours art………”ALL BEST FOR YOUR FUTURE”……. :)))


  8. hey shafali i really like your work..:)
    and somehow i want to have your help also…can you please help me? regarding all this caricature type things..


  9. hi,,shefali,,,i m DR.ALTAMASH AYYUB,4m lknw..i also draw caricatures,,and sketches also,,i hv seen urs,,its excellent work,,,i want ur guidance in future,,hope u accept this,,,


  10. Dear Shafali,
    Greetings. Your site is awesome. Luv your work. Amazing how much talent, time and effort you’ve put in. I would like to be a regular on your blog – to learn, exchange ideas, work together. I am a Consultant Creative Director, now on freelance. My wife does caricatures (amateur). I would like you to develop her talent, at some point. What are your terms? May I register for your tutorials? Do you offer some of your work for use? If yes, what terms? Pl respond. – Ajith Kumar, Trivandrum.


    • Hello Chetan,
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I am glad you like my work. I am sure your proposal is an excellent one, however, I accepted one decades ago and so I am unable to respond to yours. I am confident that you will charm someone who still hasn’t given her heart away. I wish you the best.
      Warm Regards,


  11. I have been on your blog for the past one hour and I can’t tell you loud enough, it is awesome! Such great talent and fun caricatures Shafali!!
    Coming here after getting a recommendation from Amy(SoulDipperatWordpress) and thanks for making this trip worthy!!!
    Watched the YT slideshow complete with the Baby Elephant music which is so apt for the drawings!
    I am hooked, because you tell me not to subscribe.. Too late 😉


    • Hi Rachana, thanks for your kind words:) I am thankful to Souldipper too, for sending you here. The Slideshow was done by Nancy Johanson who makes wonderful slideshows – I was born tone deaf and I won’t know baby elephant making music from mama elephant trumpeting 😦 I’ll pass on the compliment to the creator of the show.
      Warm Regards,


      • Ok, in that case, let me explain: The combination of the contents in the slideshow and the associated baby Ele’ music feels as amazing and refreshing as your talent! I am sure you will understand this interpretation.. 🙂
        Have a great day!


      • Absolutely, dear Heart:) Thanks for explaining it to me…and also thanks for those nice words. I draw to feel happy – and if the feeling is conveyed to the viewer, my job is done.
        Warm Regards,


  12. buenisimo… me sirvio mucho!! me costo la traduccion, pero despues de utilizar varios traductores pude leer, muchas gracias un abrazo desde argentina


    • Thanks Lucio.

      I am glad you visited:)

      I think that your comment relates to the book on How to Draw Caricatures. I am glad that you find the book useful – and thanks for stopping by and letting me know.

      Warm Regards,

      PS: I had added a translation of your comment here – but with Google Traductor, I don’t think that it’s needed anymore:) I am removing it:)


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