Coming Soon…Announcement of a Cartoon/Caricature Drawing Workshop in Delhi NCR.

Dear visitors from Delhi NCR,

I am planning to organize an art workshop that would focus on the art of cartoon and caricature drawing. I haven’t decided upon the date and the venue yet, but I intend to organize it on a Sunday in September (the best time of the year in Delhi.)

The detailed announcement will follow. In the meantime, I recommend that you go through my gallery. If you like what you see there, if you like to draw, and if you reside in Delhi NCR; revisit this blog or better still, begin following it so that you don’t miss the announcement:)

That’s all for now…I’ll be back soon. Right now I’ve got to get going as I am the official caricaturist at this party that Lord Indra is hosting on those dark n soggy clouds that have been hovering over Delhi for the last three days.

More later…Indra Deva has sent a pick-up rath (a royal chariot, specially designed for the caricaturist…it even has my own caricature embossed on it) for me and it’s causing a traffic jam outside my house…

Until then…and forever…