Angela Merkel wins the 2013 Elections to become Chancellor Once Again!

Congratulations Germany!

Angela Merkel has won her third term as the Chancellor of Germany.

Now this a really something, isn’t it?

Here’s her caricature for the occasion 🙂

Caricature Cartoon of Angela Merkel who won the 2013 German Elections to become Chancellor for the third time in succession.

Angela Merkel as the Chancellor of Germany. Digital Painting – Photoshop CS 6 (Print Size: 12 inches by 14 inches.)

That is all for now…and oh, I should mention that Mutti’s re-election has breathed life into another story-caricature of mine (this one is on Euro zone.)



Will Angela Merkel Win the 2013 Elections and get re-elected?

Will Angela Merkel win the 2013 elections of Germany?

Today Germany elects its new government. It’s expected that Angela Merkel will win her third tenure as the Chancellor of Germany. With about 80% of the Germans satisfied with Merkel’s performance, she stands a strong chance of returning as the Chancellor for the third time.

This caricaturist admires Merkel as one the very few women politicos who’ve made it on their own. Most of the oriental she-politicians are either born or marry into political families. Merkel was born in the erstwhile East Germany (the poorer of the two Germany’s) and worked her way up.

If she wins the elections, I’ll post her color caricature here. Here’s a cropped-snapshot of the caricature.

Caricature, Cartoon, illustration of Angela Merkel - winning the 2013 Bundestag elections - Germany.

Will she? Won’t she? Will she…?

What’s your opinion? Will Merkel return?

Until the results are out, you can see a black and white caricature of Angela Merkel here.

Caricature/Cartoon Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande – Euro-zone Crisis Agreement – Will it douse the fire?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the sparkling new French President Francois Hollande recently made big news by reaching an agreement that is expected to rejuvenate the economies of the region, especially those of Italy and Spain. Yet, whether the €120 billion growth pact will indeed bring about the momentum needed to pull the Euro-zone out of crisis, is a moot point. In fact, not many are willing to believe that this would work.

Here’s my take on the “monstrous” Euro-zone Crisis and the two leaders on whose shoulders rests the responsibility of reviving the Euro-zone’s finances.

Caricature, Cartoon, Illustration of Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande trying to contain the Euro-zone Crisis.

When Francois Hollande flew to Berlin, to meet Angela Merkel, the world watched it with a lot of interest. The reason was simple. The chemistry between Angela Merkel and Hollande’s predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy was fantastic. Perhaps it was because Sarkozy’s personality is Merkel’s opposite. Sarkozy’s quick wit and humor would make Merkel smile, and they appeared to enjoy each other’s company. However, when Sarkozy lost the Presidential crown to Mr. Hollande earlier this year, this happy political relationship came to an abrupt end.

Merkel’s first meeting with Hollande was dubbed drab by the media. Hollande and Merkel didn’t warm up to each other, the way people had hoped they would. So, when the time came for Merkel to visit Hollande in Paris, everyone was even more worried than before. When they met, however, they shared their thoughts and talked about Growth vs. Austerity.

The recently concluded Brussels Summit apparently brought some good news for the Euro-zone but after the initial euphoria has died down, we can now hear the experts say that the package is good, but not good enough.  What may be good enough for rest of the Europe, however, isn’t good enough for Merkel as Germans won’t be happy footing a bill that’s not theirs, and the unhappiness of Germans can jettison Merkel out of the Chancellor’s chair in the 2013 Bundestag elections.

If you are interested in a metaphorical story that explains the genesis of the Euro zone crisis, read “The Euro-Zone Crisis.