R.I.P. Robin Williams.

Robin Williams died on Monday, August 11, 2014.  I will always carry with me the impressions of his movies, which unlike most other movies that I have watched, refuse to fade away with time.

His alcoholism and cocaine-addiction is being cited as the main causes of depression, which could have led to his suicide. In this hour of sadness, one must not give in to conjecturing, but one cannot imagine this Robin Williams giving in and taking his own life…and yet, drugs lead to unimaginable psychological consequences.

I had done the following Robin Williams’ caricature in 2012. Today, when I look at this caricature, his smile appears  stretched between two opposing emotions that culminate into an expression of knowing something that others don’t. A sadness that spreads from his eyes and reaches the corners of his lips, tilting them ever so little at the corners – stopping his smile from become carefree and happy.

The original caption of this caricature-portrait read, “I’ve seen everything.” At the time of writing it, I was guided by his expression; I am now saddened by the thought that if Robin Williams actually committed a suicide, this might have been the thought going through his mind around the time I did this caricature.

The Caricature, Cartoon, Sketch, Portrait of Robin Williams - the Hollywood Actor who played Patch Adams, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Peter Pan!

Robin Williams (1951-2014): “I’ve seen everything.” 

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Robin Williams coming up…as soon as I am able to find my bearings.

No, I haven’t disappeared. I am suspended in the ether. I am invisible to you perhaps, but I am able to see everyone and everything. The only problem I am faced with is, I do not know my coordinates. I need to find them soon and return to my visible form…the form that can hold a pencil and complete Robin William’s caricature/portrait and post it here. I call it a caricature/portrait because it’s a portrait that’s closer to a caricature. It couldn’t bring myself to exaggerate his features beyond a point, because I like him a lot 🙂

So…ladies and gentleman, await the arrival of one of the best actors of Hollywood on this blog!

Plans of New Celebrity Caricatures go Awry – The Caricaturist has been whisked away to Atlantis!

I had plans.

I had my heart set on drawing Robin Williams, Will Smith, and even Paris Hilton. But last evening my mobile rang, my plans overheard my conversation with the being on the other end, and they tossed themselves into the bin!

The call was from Atlantis, the lost world. Imagine my surprise when I heard that aqua-cool voice on the phone tell me that I was invited to talk to a group of engineers at AquaPower Corporation. After I got over my shock, I asked them if they were sending a jet to fetch me – because I didn’t know if any of the regular flights stopped over at Atlantis.

They told me that they were sending a submarine, which will arrive in my bathtub at 8:00 AM tomorrow morning – and that I should be ready and waiting.


my dear precious readers,

the caricatures will have to wait. I hope to be back in the beginning of March…

See you then:)