Wedding of an Apple, How to Become a Caricaturist, and a Cute Guy with a Spherical Nose.

The caricaturist was away.

No. I hadn’t been whisked away to Atlantis.

This was different. I was away attending the marriage of an apple. Some of you would know that I shun company. Artists do that. They are a terribly moody lot who oscillate between being gaudily gregarious and deafeningly silent. You can usually find me hanging precariously from the cliff at the right-end of this continuum, and so it knocked the breath out of me when I realized that I was attending a wedding!

Here’s a picture of the bride in her wedding gown.


When I returned from the wedding and checked my blog’s stats, I saw an odd search string (and not “hacked nudes”, which I must mention is still a far milder search string than some of the others that bring visitors to these shores.)

This odd search string read, “how to become a caricaturist.”

The quick and dirty answer to this question is, “learn how to draw caricatures,” but then my work on the apple-bride above cannot really motivate anyone to learn how to draw caricatures, let alone inspire them to become caricaturists.

So for those who are wondering why they must get Evolution of a Caricaturist, I must tell you that I didn’t spend all my away-from-the-blog time attending the apple’s wedding, I spent a substantial part of it working on Bill Clinton’s Caricatures (yep, two of them) for a cool magazine…and speaking of caricatures, I think I simply love these caricatures…and I love them more because of Bill Clinton’s cute spherical nose (any guesses why?)

More later. Meanwhile, leave your good wishes for the apple-bride in the comments below.


Lost Caricatures and a Mutating Caricaturist!

I haven’t been able to settle down enough to sketch new caricatures, and I’ve lost those that I drew last month – and this, my friends, is the reason why there’s been no new entry in this web-log.

I have been terribly busy too. Doing what, you may ask. Honestly, the answer lies in the fact that the caricaturist is mutating. She’s changing into what she used to be a long time ago – a normal artist and a graphic designer. Those were the days when she hadn’t grown these thorns of sarcasm and ridicule, which differentiate a caricaturist from all other kinds of artists.

There’s a bit of good news with all the pain associated with this mutation, which is that the over all result of it is that though I am turning into a graphic designer I haven’t left the caricaturist behind. In fact, I have added another personality to my already complex personality matrix, and found a new set of tools. My current project makes me work day and night…and this has been the case for almost two months now. Right now, I am just hoping that my audience likes my work, and that the project is a success – and so I am typing this post with my fingers crossed.

I promise to either find those lost caricatures or create some new ones, and return to meet my cyber-friends 🙂

Until then and then forever  DRAW to SMILE!


Plans of New Celebrity Caricatures go Awry – The Caricaturist has been whisked away to Atlantis!

I had plans.

I had my heart set on drawing Robin Williams, Will Smith, and even Paris Hilton. But last evening my mobile rang, my plans overheard my conversation with the being on the other end, and they tossed themselves into the bin!

The call was from Atlantis, the lost world. Imagine my surprise when I heard that aqua-cool voice on the phone tell me that I was invited to talk to a group of engineers at AquaPower Corporation. After I got over my shock, I asked them if they were sending a jet to fetch me – because I didn’t know if any of the regular flights stopped over at Atlantis.

They told me that they were sending a submarine, which will arrive in my bathtub at 8:00 AM tomorrow morning – and that I should be ready and waiting.


my dear precious readers,

the caricatures will have to wait. I hope to be back in the beginning of March…

See you then:)



Caricatures of Abraham Lincoln & Shakespeare, Sandra Bullock’s Marriage, and a Busy Schedule!

About the Caricatures of Abraham Lincoln and Shakespeare

I’ve begun work on Abraham Lincoln’s caricature and I hope he won’t frown at it from his comfortable den in heaven when he looks at it. I’ve also begun studying some representations of Shakespeare. I don’t know how much likeness they bear to the great writer, but as photography wasn’t as keenly pursued in his time as it is now, these representations however ridiculous they might seem, will have to do.

About Ms. Sandra Bullock’s Marriage in the danger of being Tattooed-out!

I think I know the reason behind Mr. Jesse James’ indiscretion, which has rocked his marriage with Ms. Bullock. I guess Ms. Bullock’s husband was inspired by this caricature of the tattooed and the pierced one, and he decided to sample a tattooed beauty. I guess Ms. Bullock was busy collecting her numerous awards, and so she never had the time to get herself tattooed or Mr. Jesse James wouldn’t have experienced the need to check out the beauty of tattoos outside his marriage.

About my Busy Schedule

Hah! A caricaturist busy? Doing what? Well…remember that this caricaturist doesn’t earn through her caricatures, so she has to work some more to put bread on the table and to put chicken in her dog’s bowl! This week’s going to be real busy. Among other things, I plan to add two caricatures to your favorite caricature blog and a new chapter (the 7th) to the knolbook on How to Draw Caricatures – “Evolution of a Caricaturist.”

So, stay tuned…and Spread the Smile!

Shafali’s Caricatures…The Story So Far!

It’s been quite a journey. I started this blog on December 11, 2010. The reason was simple – It had been a while since I had felt happy…and so I picked up the pencil and began to draw. I drew and smiled…and then I drew some more…and then, someone who I’d trust with my life said that I should share what I drew.

So I did, hoping that when people visited my blog, the smile on my face would hop on to theirs:) I think my wish is coming true.

The first caricature that I had created for this blog was of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean fame. The two mice climbing his braided beard, trying to find the cheese that they hoped to find hidden behind his ears…they just happened. And then, the jokes went on happening. I’d look at face and read about the person behind the face – and the story would emerge.

I’ve been drawing ever since I remember. I’ve been having this light-dark kind of affair with drawing for a long time…and I often wonder whether this is my calling.

Until tomorrow then, when I shall post the other half of Brangelina, Ms. Angelina Jolie. (View the caricature of Mr. Brad Pitt as Achilles here.)

The Caricaturist is on Twitter Now…

I’ve climbed the 140 character bandwagon. I am now a Tweeter too:-)

  • So, if you like caricatures, cartoons, jokes, funnies, and all that makes you go haw-haw…follow The Caricaturist!
  • And if you want some cool tips on drawing, sketching, caricaturing, cartooning…in other words, on wielding the most powerful weapon in this world – the pen, along with its dear cousins the pencil and the brush…follow The Caricaturist!

My Twitter handle is…of course: @TheCaricaturist

So, visit my nest…follow me…and motivate me to follow you:-) Let’s make this world a happier place to be in.

Tweet-tweet (that’s Bye-bye in Twitterish!)

The Evolution of a Caricaturist – A Book on How to Draw Caricatures (a Google Knols Collection)

Dear Readers,

This post may be of interest to you if you want to learn how to create caricatures:–)

I aim to add at least one chapter a week to this book (more if possible,) and hope that you won’t just find it useful but also interesting to read. Find “The Evolution of a Caricaturist” at Google Knols. This short and sweet book will have about 15 chapters (did I hear you say, “Thank God!”), and I hope that it will help you start you on your way to becoming a Caricaturist Magician!

Your visit will be inspirational:) Feel free to drop me a line or post a comment here.



Cool Caricaturist – Ken Coogan

Dear Audience,

I would like to present the blog of Ken Coogan, who is great at drawing caricatures that are wonderfully life-like. He draws from life too (a skill that I respect a lot.)

His caricature of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is beautiful (and fresh off his desk, I believe.) As a fan of Sherlock Holmes, I’ll now be rummaging the web for a caricature of Mr. Holmes and his catalyst friend Dr. Watson…or…should I draw them?

Do visit Ken Coogan’s blog:) and wonder…what if people actually looked like their caricatures, instead of their caricatures looking like them!

I’ll soon be back with my own caricature-creation attempts!

When Caricatures come Alive – Joan Vizcarra Carreras

I started this blog because I wanted to smile. There aren’t many things around me today that make me want to smile. For one, I smile when I draw…and then, I smile when I see artwork that borders on perfection. When it comes to caricatures, I think that some of the best caricatures are done by Vizcarra.

You can view Vizcarra’s wonderful caricatures at:

Thanks, my dear visitors. I have a surprise caricature (of a celebrity, of course) coming up for you tomorrow. Do return.