Caricature/Cartoon – British Prime Minister David Cameron


David Cameron,  the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom!

(No. Not James Cameron…and yes, there are many differences between the two Camerons!)

The Caricature, Cartoon, Portrait, Sketch of the British Prime Minister - David Cameron - The Leader of the Conservative Party and the Prime Minister of the United States!

David Cameron - The Prime Minister of United Kingdom!

David Cameron’s Shortest Biography on the Web:

(Sometimes I wonder what I rest this claim upon – but never mind for it doesn’t matter!)

According to dear Wikipedia, my primary resource for matters of all kinds juicy and dry (read Entertainment and Politics, respectively), David Cameron was born in 1966 (yes, he doesn’t fit the stereotypical politician’s mold with a stoop and wrinkles,) after 4 years of his parents getting married. For the British, ancestry and titles are often more important than the man himself, and Cameron doesn’t fall short of either. You can read more about David Cameron’s ancestry here, but for now it would suffice to say that he’s got a touch of the royal blood in his veins as he has descended from King William IV, who at time time of his death had no legitimate children.

I couldn’t find a lot of colorful details about Cameron’s education or career, so let me fly past all those years that he spent polishing himself, joining the Conservative Party, and land in the year 2000 when he was selected as a prospective candidate for Witney. As a Member of the Parliament, Cameron meticulously attempted to associate himself with anything that was controversial – for example Ecstasy, the drug with some colorful effects, and Gurbux Singh,  a Mona Sikh (A Sikh with his beard sheared off!). His journey to prime-minister-ship began in 2005. The end of his journey presented the UK with their youngest prime minister in 200 years, whose inexperience and youth became the subject of satire and cynicism.

Dave, David, and Tony:

David Cameron has often been likened to Tony Blair in his early years of leadership. And though Cameron doesn’t like to be called Dave – he often is, especially by his critics…”Call Me Dave” drafted on the lines of “Call me Tony”.

David Cameron – Views, Interests, and other Tid-bits:

  • Prime Minister Cameron refers to himself as a modern compassionate conservative.
  • He wants teaching to be “elevated through more stringent criteria for selecting the teachers.”
  • When criticised for using drugs for recreational purposes he said that everyone was allowed to “err and stray.”
  • He loves to cycle to work – unfortunately, he keeps losing his bicycle to unscrupulous star-struck bike-robbers.

David Cameron’s Personal Life:

Cameron is married to Samantha Sheffield, who belongs to an equally wealthy family. He has two daughters and one son.  He lost his first son to Ohtahara syndrome.

David Cameron Quotes:

  • You’re an analogue politician in a digital age <<To Gordon Brown>>
  • we are all human and we err and stray.
  • I want to be the voice of change and hope. I want to confront the big challenges this country faces.
  • We’re in a very different era now. The style then was right for then, and a new style is needed for now.

The Poll Results are Out…

Thanks to the more active and interactive readers of this blog and also thanks to my Facebook friends, I’ve got the order of priority right for the three caricatures.

They shall appear in the following order:
1. Ozzy Osborne (with the rodent warrior)
2. Edward Norton (with his…intense “you’ll see” look.)
3. David Cameron (I’ve to keep telling myself that his first name isn’t James)

You know something?
David Cameron ranks lowest in popularity…even among the British – doesn’t it tell us something? (I didn’t say anything did I?)

Well…these days I come home only to eat and sleep…and so I’ll post Ozzy’s caricature earliest on Sunday evening (afternoon by GMT) (Despite my ultra-cynical view of my own work, I think Ozzy’s caricature is something you’d want to see.)

Looking forward to a less hectic and a more bloggish week…

ridiculously yours,

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