MIB 3 – Men in Black vs. Men in the Back Row a.k.a the Crop of Alien Engineers

Here’s the story.

I watched MIB 3 (that is Men in Black 3). The stress that I put on the word “watched” is deliberate. It is to emphasize that the four engineering students who sat in the row behind me talked so much that I couldn’t hear what Will Smith said to Tommy Lee Jones, nor what Josh Brolin (the younger and more talkative agent K) said to Will Smith…at least during the first half of the movie.

I am curious.

These engineering students (their loud conversation would have me believe that they were studying engineering in one of those zillion weedy engineering colleges of the seedier kind, that have been mushrooming around the country at the rate of 1 college a second.)

This group of Fantastically Foolish Four was there spending money on a movie that none of them understood (yes, I say this despite knowing that there isn’t much to understand in it,) and that they didn’t know anything about (what’s there to know, any way.) The concept of the MIB movies was completely “alien” to them, and for the life of me, I couldn’t understand why they took the last row tickets, sat there for 102 minutes in the dark, if all they wanted to do was giggle (yes, I know girls giggle, guys guffaw – but these guys were experimenting with some sort of role-reversal..don’t ask me why.)

I am not being mean. I am just curious.

While I know that in their kind of engineering college, no engineering is taught; and while I also know that if the education ministry has its way the IITs would soon follow with their crop of half-witted endlessly-giggling students bunking classes to go to movies that they don’t understand – yet, I am not being mean. I just want to know why four guys want to sit and giggle in the last row of a dark auditorium?!

My Take:

  • Every girl who they asked out for a movie, turned them down (individually, I mean…and hope.)
  • There’s no better way of bonding with the guys than to make everyone else in the auditorium miserable.
  • Their Profs are handing out extra points to students who stay out of class (…and away from them. Frankly? If I were their Professor I would. But Internal Combustion Engines are out of fashion now – so I escaped that fate. Thank God!)
  • It was a holiday for them and their parents didn’t want them in the house, so they were given a wad of black-money a kind of currency that’s abundantly available in the country) to splurge.
  • They are planning to emigrate to the USA and they wanted to hone their language skills for a better TOEFL score (Does the TOEFL still exist? I guess it does or I wouldn’t have found the link.)
  • Devil had set an Entrance Exam for them. If they could torture people in the theater, they could join the University of Hell (Do you see? Even the University of Hell has some standards!)
  • It just struck me. Actually, they were preparing for the CET, which is going to replace the esteemed JEE, so that they could get into one of the IITs. Cracking sick-jokes about the MIB is what it takes to crack the CET…right? No pressure…Not at all…Sir!

Summing up:

The saving grace was that the hall was only three-fourth full…so when despite our request the four jokers refused to shut up, we found another place.

MIB 3 – Review:

It’s a good movie…worth-watching. Tommy Lee Jones has aged a lot, so they did a good thing by bringing in Josh Brolin as his younger self. While there weren’t enough new aliens, yet unlike the previous MIBs this one had a better storyline. If you are a fan of the Men in Black, you should definitely watch it. Just make sure there aren’t any alien men behind you – there are…believe it or not…some dialogs in the movie!


Cartoon/caricature Sculpture in Polymer Clay– The Devil – Satire/Story – The Devil Wants Out!

Well…here’s my Clay Caricature Number 3 – The Devil (or the Devil’s son – if you go by the story that follows the picture.) You are welcome to view my previous sculpting efforts the Harlot here and the Bald Man here.

A Caricature, Cartoon Sculpture of the horned Devil in Polymer Clay.

Caricature/Cartoon in Polymer Clay. Title: "The Horned Devil" Size: 2.25" tall x 1.5" wide x 1.5" deep.

The Devil Wants Out!

(A Tiny Story/Satire – by The Caricaturist)

He sat in his room watching Bedazzled – a Devil Movie from his Hollywood collection. His father, the Devil, disapproved of all but the Devil movies – so though he disliked them he didn’t have a lot of other options. Thankfully, he rather liked this particular movie – Watching Liz Hurley play the Devil was like seeing his dad in a gown…and he found it hilarious – the buttered Popcorn, the sexy Devil and the star-struck Fraser – all made his life seem a little worthwhile, but he knew that this feeling of wholesomeness would disappear the moment the movie ended – the movie just helped him escape his reality.

His reality was Hell. He was expected to take over as the CEO of Hell when his dad retired at the end of the century – and he really didn’t want to. He didn’t like his Job Description at all. Collecting souls, sorting them, meting out the right punishment in the right measure – all this was just one part of it… the glamorous part! The other part was recruiting help, managing them, overseeing them, auditing the processes…why, just the other day he had caught a minion accepting bribe for moving a promiscuous lawyer’s spiky bed near a harlot’s fire!

He’d swap his life with anyone’s… Liz Hurley’s, Brendan Fraser’s, even Jim Carrey’s – of course he’d love to be Paris Hilton and send her here in his place, but his puritan dad would kill him if it was discovered that he traded places with a woman – and then there was the obvious bottleneck – what did Paris know of sins, and sinners, and hell? Lady Gaga was another interesting possibility what with her meat dress and her devilish attitude – but then despite the controversy there was a good chance that she too was a woman – and he didn’t want to risk making his father go berserk.

Two years ago, he would’ve happily swapped with Barack Obama, but then being a brand new politician he was a novice in the matters of hell…and today, Obama were probably stuck worse than him! That won’t work. He wanted to swap with someone who had inherited a lot of wealth because inherited wealth would help him sin and sinning would make sure that he returned to hell instead of going to heaven, which of course was out of question! He was also open to reviewing potential swaps with people in power because power too made people sin.

So he thought and he thought,  until the movie ended – but he reached no conclusion. He wanted to do something else…he didn’t want to do what the eldest son always did – run Hell efficiently…

There had to be a way out – somewhere, if not in the present, in the past – there would be someone who had it in him – who he could swap places with! As he browsed through the recorded programs on the History Channel, he found his answer.


A Caricature of Adolf Hitler, Nazi Dictator with Horns!

He was going to swap with Adolf Hitler!




Do you see God in this Picture? Calling Believers, Atheists, and Agnostics – Now!

Today I replace a caricature post about the Devil (Hitler) with a post about God.

You know why?


I am speechless.
I am an agnostic who never bothered – but this photograph shot a couple of days ago in France, bothers me!
And I am wondering whether it’s God’s Image that I see in this photograph!

  • Should I believe, is what I ask?
  • Do you believe, you should ask!

If you believe you know who is there in this picture.
If you don’t tell me why you still don’t?

Resting the words…Here’s the picture, that Vivienne Tuffnell, the author of Strangers and Pilgrims shot at Mont Saint Michel.

Is that a sign from God - an image of God projected from the heavens - is that a miracle at Mont Saint Michel (France) shot by Vivienne Tuffnell.

Is that God's Image?

Vivienne has experienced benevolent presences before. Her interpretations have kept me swinging between being a believer and remaining where I am…until now!

Read her post “Miracle at Mont Saint Michel” here.

Is this a sign from God – to her, to all of us, to the world that’s headed towards doom?

(The short link for this post is http://wp.me/pJgyP-eF , if you want to tweet it.)

The List of Celebrities whose Caricatures Grace this Blog…so far:-)

As many of my visitors would know, I started this blog sometime in the middle of December 2010. Since then, I’ve added quite a few Celebrity Caricatures to it. The regular visitors have probably seen them all, but I wouldn’t want my new visitors to miss out on the treats:) So here’s a consolidated list for your viewing delight.

  1. Gorgeous George Clooney’s Impeccable Hairstyle
  2. Julia Roberts – The Pretty Woman’s Dazzling Smile helps the Rodent Household!
  3. Pamela Anderson (Lee)…the Fish, and the Missing Fish-bowls
  4. Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft – The Tomb Raider
  5. Brad Pitt and Achilles’ Dilemma in Troy
  6. Avatar – A Visual/Verbal Caricature
  7. Bruce Willis – the Unbreakable, and the Die Hard Woodpecker.
  8. Jack Nicholson and the Two Birds – As Good as it Gets!
  9. Morgan Freeman a.k.a Detective Alex Cross and… The Two Dueling Mosquitoes.
  10. Michelle Obama – The First Lady’s Smile & The Toothpaste Ad!
  11. Barack Obama – What worries him? The Pups Know – Sasha, Malia, and Bo!
  12. Nicole Kidman, Her Nose and the Bloodhounds!
  13. Tiger Woods, Women, Nike, and Devil!
  14. Halle Berry, her Hairstyle, and the Birds!
  15. Johnny Depp – Captain Jack Sparrow – The Pirate!

Another Caricature of a Forever Celebrity graced this blog recently (The Pierced, Tattooed, Dermal-Implanted, and Otherwise Modified Human’s Unique Selling Proposition!)

If you liked my caricatures and if you’d like to make caricatures too…my Book – “How to Draw Caricatures – Evolution of a Caricaturist” , which I am publishing as a collection of knols, should interest you. If you are interested…do visit. You can also read more about this book in “The Book” section of this blog. Your comments shall be appreciated.

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Caricature – Tiger Woods, Women, Nike, and Satan!

Golf brought to Tiger – fame, money, and women…along with Nike…and then Satan followed him around!

Caricature of Tiger Woods - with women, Nike, and Satan.

Who wouldn’t?

Which man could resist such temptation while chanting the brand mantra, “Just Do It”? Think about it!

News Flash – Calendars are Up!
Download Tiger Wood’s Printable Calendar pdf here.
(Opens in New Window and includes a crisp print-quality image of this caricature.)