Cover Art – for a Novel – Romantic Suspense Thriller.

Last week, I did a novel cover of a slightly different sort (Not my usual – this one has no characters on it.)

I happened to create the cover of Chris Elhans’ “Scars of Gold.” It’s a different sort of cover – more abstract, keeps the mystery intact, and trust me, there’s tons of mystery in it. It had to supplement the character of the book. In places, the book is brightly romantic; then the suspense builds, and you see the other colors – some darker, a few brighter, but in the end, they all change into the color of satisfaction.

Here’s the cover:

Novel Cover for Scars of Gold by Chris Elhans - Kindle eBook Cover Artists

Cover Art: Scars of Gold – A Novel by Chris Elhans

While we are at it, I’d also like to direct you to two other covers that I did for B.G. Hope – an Urban Fantasy writer. 

Are you writing a book and looking for a cover artist?

Look no further 🙂



Karela Split? Now what’s that?!

Indian Life & Humor:

If you are curious about India…the real India, as experienced by Indians, and if you want to know why it’s as bitter as it is sweet and spicy, I think I’ve got the right site for you:)

Karela Split - The Bitter-Sweet Flavor of Life in India

Meet Gorakh Nath, Proudly Dead:

The moderator of this site, “Gorakh Nath” is a good friend of mine, and over the years I’ve learned not to be surprised by anything he does.

Gorakh NathHe’s a nutcase, but one who can keep you glued to his content (despite his apparently “dead” status at Karela Split.)

The Show is On – R.S.V.P

Whether you are an Indian or a person who’s curious about this extremely complex but equally interesting mix of multiple cultures, habits, traditions, taboos, contradictions, and a little bit of everything else, you are in for a treat.

As the site says, “The Show is On!

Get your free ticket now…this is a party like no other!

I would also like to wish “Gorakh Nath”, “a long life”  for his site. (Now…unravel that!)