Caricatures of Abraham Lincoln & Shakespeare, Sandra Bullock’s Marriage, and a Busy Schedule!

About the Caricatures of Abraham Lincoln and Shakespeare

I’ve begun work on Abraham Lincoln’s caricature and I hope he won’t frown at it from his comfortable den in heaven when he looks at it. I’ve also begun studying some representations of Shakespeare. I don’t know how much likeness they bear to the great writer, but as photography wasn’t as keenly pursued in his time as it is now, these representations however ridiculous they might seem, will have to do.

About Ms. Sandra Bullock’s Marriage in the danger of being Tattooed-out!

I think I know the reason behind Mr. Jesse James’ indiscretion, which has rocked his marriage with Ms. Bullock. I guess Ms. Bullock’s husband was inspired by this caricature of the tattooed and the pierced one, and he decided to sample a tattooed beauty. I guess Ms. Bullock was busy collecting her numerous awards, and so she never had the time to get herself tattooed or Mr. Jesse James wouldn’t have experienced the need to check out the beauty of tattoos outside his marriage.

About my Busy Schedule

Hah! A caricaturist busy? Doing what? Well…remember that this caricaturist doesn’t earn through her caricatures, so she has to work some more to put bread on the table and to put chicken in her dog’s bowl! This week’s going to be real busy. Among other things, I plan to add two caricatures to your favorite caricature blog and a new chapter (the 7th) to the knolbook on How to Draw Caricatures – “Evolution of a Caricaturist.”

So, stay tuned…and Spread the Smile!