Love Picture Puzzles? Own an iPad? Check out Bigsaw and go Beyond Jigsaw!

Updated – Nov 7, 2013

Bigsaw  Star Rating on the US App Store!

Bigsaw  wins American hearts and garners a 4.5 star rating on the US App Store in first five days!

Download Bigsaw on the App Store here.
Ratings and Reviews are visible only on the US App Store.)

(If you live in another country, like picture-puzzles, and have access to an iPad – download Bigsaw FREE, experience it, and please leave a rating and/or a review 🙂 Experience a new kind of Jigsaw puzzle.)


If you love picture-puzzles and if you own an iPad, here’s a Picture-Puzzle App that doesn’t just have pictures for you to play with, it also allows you to store up to 10,000 custom picture-puzzles in 100 custom-albums that you can create and manage – thus, becoming your forever picture-puzzle maker!

The download is FREE, so why don’t you check it out yourself:

For ease of recall, here’s the icon:

Icon Bigsaw Designer - Go Beyond Jigsaw - A Picture Puzzle Creator App.

Bigsaw Designer – Go Beyond Jigsaw

What’s in here?

  • An Innovative tap-based gameplay for a Picture-puzzle that adds that extra-thrill in picture-building.
  • 10 Bigsaw Albums with 10 pictures each = Total 100 pictures of which there are 20 FREE pictures for you to play with. (Note that the pictures in the Caricatures album are by this caricaturist…so if you like my caricatures – find 10 of them in Bigsaw Designer :-))
  • The ability to create, name, password-protect, and manage your own albums.
  • The ability to import any picture (sources: camera, Internet, email) into the App and save it into a custom album to play with later! Stash’em away!
  • 10,000 picture-puzzles would mean that you could save 3 pictures every day for a whole year, and then when you got bored with a picture or an entire album, you could delete the picture/album and get more new pictures!

Now I leave you with the download link  – check it out to see if it really is the coolest picture-puzzle app out there.

There’s also a Facebook page for the puzzle. You can visit it here.

Here’s the screenshot of a puzzle from my own Hillary Clinton caricature …half-way through.

Bigsaw Designer Picture Puzzle Screenshot with Hillary Clinton's Caricature.

Bigsaw Designer Picture Puzzle Screenshot with Hillary Clinton’s Caricature.

Game Features?! Check this out.

Bigsaw Design - Go Beyond Jigsaw - Game Features

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Wish you a very Happy Diwali 🙂