The Time Machine’s Stuck – I am trapped in 1942!

Dear Readers, Viewers, Commentators, and Blurkers,

I am writing from 1942! You’d recall that I was returning from the past (with mementos for all of you, of course,) when I was just 70 years away, the machine began to grunt in a pig-like fashion. It then coughed and spluttered to a stop. It was a matter of piston seizure. I had its oil changed in 200 AD and I guess the oil film broke!

I was in the times of D-Evil Hitler!

I will get the time-machine repaired, but would take me about 5 years…and so I will also be here in the past, during the times of Gandhi.

I should be back into the present by next week…but before I do, I’ll time-fax the caricatures of Hitler and Gandhi to the blog.

PS: Lady Gaga was not an aberration – I met her in the past. In one of her previous lives, Lady Gaga was a gypsy dancer. More on that later.

Until I return…then:)

Shafali, The Caricaturist.

Some date, Some month, 1942!